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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25 and S 18

Our President and the Congress has just agreed to spend 1.3 Trillion dollars to salvage the economy. The results will be just the office. But I don't think our Congress or the President realy care if it kills the economy. This is all about their social agenda to bring the United States to a socialist society. Every working man woman and child better be preparted to see significant changes to the tax code. Be prepared to see home morgagage deductions go down the drain, along with deductions for State Taxes, charitible contributions and anything else they can squeeze out of us.

The power that has been accumulated by the elite ruling class in Washington has corrupted the original intent of the founding fathers of this Country. THE TIME HAS COME FOR EACH STATE TO ENACT THE REFORMS OF TERM LIMITS ON OUR SENATORS AND CONGRESSMAN. A MAXIMUM OF ONE (1) TERM IN THE SENATE OR A MAXIMUM OF THREE (3) TERMS IN THE HOUSE.

I"m afraid we will not get either party to take the FairTax seriously until we get them more interested in doing what is right and good for the PEOPLE and off their thoughts of getting re-elected.

Lets all start thinking about getting a petition going in each State to implement TERM LIMITS on our elected officials.

Randy Jarman Ph.D.
Oklahoma Fair Tax group

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