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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

This is our chance ..... (ignore typos, I blog from my phone)

Every corporation in the world is gasping for air and quite a few have gone under. This is not a a bad situation it is a great opportunity! Ignore all the talk about how we got here because what's important is how we get out. We can follow the rest of the nations and natioanlize the banks and major corporations that we feel are too big to allow to fail or we can take the lead. We have the most educated and productive workforce in the world and everyday more of them are being sent home on idle.

America can take the lead by not penalizing individuals and corporations for being productive. By repealing all taxes on income and capital gains we will send an open invitation to all nations and their struggling corporations. The statue of liberty with regain its meaning and symbolism around the world. Our country would be flooded with foreign corporations looking for relief. Unemployment would be at an all time low. Threats from foreign nations would be at an all time low because we would hold the majority of their wealth within our shores.

There is one thing holding us back FEAR!!

My mission and your mission as Fairtaxe supporter is not to lurk on this blog and other blogs with other opinions. It is to flood the blogs, flood all media outlets with phone calls. We have to join groups that are ignorant about the fairtax then invite others from this blog to flood their with the facts. Pick one radio talk show host and post the call in number. And a date to call in here. If all of us flood the lines we have to be heard and if we do it daily or weekly til we gain enough supporters that the very sound of our voices will be overwhelming.

I am a black man I found the million man march interesting I talked about it on a radio show I use to do. I interviewed leaders of that movement BUT I did not feel it important enough to pack my bags and attend . Ou tell me that Fairtax Nation is marching on Washington I'm chartering a bus and taking as many people as I can. I am an American first and everything else I can be clasified as comes second......

Stay tuned for the first syndicated talk radio host who's show we will hi-jack.
Anyone one here interested in having conferance call to share ideas and plans of attack?
(Again please ignore typos I'm doing this from my cell phone ...lol)

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Comment by Ken White Jr on February 9, 2009 at 12:40am
If i learned anything from this last campaign cycle there is power when the people believe but even more when more when they organize and "DO". We have to begin talking more to media and the ignorant then each other. Websites are great for people who are looking for "A" topic we have to begin making noise lots of noise .... fairtax has to become organized noise!!!!!!!
Comment by Everett Bennett, Jr. on February 8, 2009 at 1:15pm
I am a white man who would be more than happy to join you on a million man march for the FairTax!

I put this on another link...excuse my rambling....

Our government is using the tax code to control us. With the FairTax, all spending is up front. Tax Credits hide how the money is being spent. Think about it. They are taking our money and using it to buy "States", to buy groups of people thru forced money distribution, and apparently are being influenced by outside sources, including our enemies. With our tax code, the working poor are subsidizing our tax credits for home mortgages, etc. How is that fair?

One group of leaders in our Country that concerns me is our Pastors. Why are they not speaking out against our Government? Maybe it is the 501C code? Are they are bought off by our tax system. The Churches and non-profit organizations are being controlled and are continuously under attack through our tax code. Of course, this only applies to honest people.

We have people like Rev Jesse Jackson who play people against one another using our tax system.
We are divided by race, by money, and the lack of social responsiblity. Our nation is supporting the killing of babies. I am grandfather of 4 now, and this is completely unacceptable!

Yet, no matter who is in office (Republican/Democrat), nothing changes. You would think that Pastors would have been more outspoken. Apparently, Obama's Pastor in Chicago is eligible for 501c tax code, but yet, he is outspoken and uh preaches hatred. I would not call him a Pastor either from what I hear.

Buy I never hear of the Pastors in our area or anywhere speaking up and trying to lead their flock to deal with the issues of our Country.

If you step back and look at the Forest; Pastors, You, Me, Our Members of Congress, Our States are all being bought off by our Tax Code.

They a look at all of the people who support the FairTax. We have Huckabee, Herman Cain, Neil Boortz, John Linder, Sen Chamblis, etc, behind the FairTax, but one problem they are all doing their own thing, raising their own money, and in the end doing nothing to move us in the right direction as individuals. They all need to stand together under the same point of influence for this to work.

This is how our Constitution was amended in the first place to allow our current tax code.

As far as Christians go, it does not matter. We have a government that allows illegal aliens to take work from legal foreign nationals and American workers. In our own Church, I know builders, etc., knowingly hired illegal aliens. I have a nephew that has a tile business in North Georgia and he has hired illegal workers and continues to do so. He is a new Christian. I had a talk with him about that as well.

Let's think about our housing market. Our Government allowed people to borrow money beyond their means that inflated housing. Builders were building Houses so fast that they thought it would never end. Oh, let's don't forget that a lot of illegal aliens did the work. I have a problem helping the housing industry based on these conditions. What's the point. Our government is too busy playing us against one another for "power" rather than monitor our work force for illegal aliens, rather than monitor the folks on Wall Street to protect our investments. Just think of what these Politicians could be doing in they were not putting busily trying to figure out how to control us. Who knows, they may actually do something worthwhile .

The Fairtax is more than just about money, it is about survival of our nation. We need a grass roots movement too fix this! I and hoping and praying that there will be Centralized Leadership to start the movement.

Just think if a majority of the Pastors in this country stood up and challenged the leadership of this country. Just think if their flocks followed them, just think how quick we could get our country back. But hey, you got to have Faith. Because, in the short run, you may loose the money, you may loose your house, but you have the opportunity to get your country back and start over.

Then looking at the past year, I think we have our already lost our houses, lost our pensions, in short, we have lost the things that well we worked for. The only thing left is faith in God.

The last I heard, that is all I will end up with, when my time in God's history is up. Faith.

It is time for a revolution in our Faith!

Excuse my rambling.... but I have been thinking about this for quite some time and I ready for a "Change you can Believe In".

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