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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25 and S 18

Greetings everyone,

I can not stress enough that we need to use the word 'Keep' in regards to the 23% at the register rather than 'Replace' when it comes to explaining how the FairTax works. People still think it will add more costs at the registers.

Please note that the FairTax will NEVER take-off until ALL registers today are required to show the 23% hidden tax on ALL receipts [from food to cars]. How do we get this done?

WE THE PEOPLE will not feel any pain until WE THE PEOPLE see the pain! This is very important.

Lets launch the FairTax through that back door:

Step 1: Show the pain at the registers.
Step 2: Start the prebates to relieve the pain.
Step 3: Stop taxing Wage* income.
Step 4: Stop taxing all other income.

*Upper-class citizens do not rely upon wage income for revenue, therefore they do not benefit until Step 4

Thank you

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