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We Need To Make Tax Plans A MAJOR Campaign Issue This Election Cycle!

We have got to get Fair Tax supporters ACTIVELY pressuring candidates to go on record with what type of tax reform THEY support. It will not do us any good to fill the Congress with the 'other' party that wants to hold the power in DC. We need pro-active directors and coordinators paying attention to debate, townhall, meet and greet, and fundraising dinner schedules of these candidates and organizing a presence at these events wherein we can continue to press them on the issue of tax reform...or more to the point, get them on record with regards to their support of the Fair Tax.

I would LOVE to see at least one organized debate specifically ON the different tax plans each candidate would promote and why. This not promotes tax reform as an over-riding issue for the cycle, but it also provides a comprehensive explanation of the Fair Tax for the listening audience. Neal Boortz purports to support the Fair Tax and the man has a three hour radio show. Anyone figure he could be persuaded to use that time to provide for such a debate? What about Sean Hannity? He has a radio AND a television show and supports the Fair Tax. Former Governor Huckabee has his own show. Could we get him to host such an event? What about Newt Gingrich's American Solutions? He may not support the Fair Tax, but from what I have seen of American Solutions, the 'goal' is just this type of thing: informing and formulating the best solution to the many issues Americans want addressed across the nation. I don't know if anyone saw it, but just prior to the primary debates this last election cycle, Newt Gingrich and Mario Cuomo did a televised debate in a format they HOPED the media or the campaigns would provide to the American people. It was a wonderful format. No way the candidates know the questions ahead of time; no opportunity for pre-written sound-bites; no time limits on questions involving the many complex issues of the day. The two men flipped a coin. Mario won. That meant he, Mario, got to ask Newt the first question. This tells the audience not ONLY what issues Mario thinks important, but what Mario thinks the American people think are important issues. The respondent, in this case Newt, has NO TIME constraints, but it is up to questioner to determine whether his question has been answered. He, the questioner, is also allowed a follow up question or comment on the response. Once Mario was satisfied that the two had adequately answered that question, he gave the floor to Newt, who asked his question..and so on. This format allows for the viewer to witness the wealth of information and experience each person brings to the issues; how they logically apply their knowledge; how they deal with having their ideas questioned or challenged or countered, and what issues the candidates find important or relevent to the day. I would LOVE to see the tax plans debated in a similar fashion! If we could manage this by pressuring the talking heads who SAY they support the Fair Tax to sponsor such a debate between Fair Taxers, Flat Taxers, VATers etc, we can 'set the stage', so to speak, for making tax reform a campaign issue.

This country has never been MORE ready to address a possible Constitutional repeal. So many state legislatures are standing up and demanding that the states' rights protected by the 10th Amendment be respected and recognized by an ever arrogant Federal Congress and Executive. The Fair Tax virtually places the return of state power in their hands, not to mention the one percent collection fee!

We need to get started on this NOW! There is no time to waste. As soon as the candidates declare, we need to start the pressure to get them to commit to where they stand on the Fair Tax legislation. We need to show them that we are not going away; we are not going to sit idly by; we will NOT be handed bland, diluted commentary about 'some type of reform', but we want on the record what they will work toward, and if it isn't the Fair Tax, we will work to see them defeated in their campaigns.

I don't know about all of you, but I am just tired of playing soft ball. I am tired of sitting around waiting for those in power to give it up. I am tired of watching talking-heads misrepresent the Fair Tax and then argue against their own misrepresentation. I don't want 'reform' of the current system: To use Obama's argument, "That's just putting lipstick on a pig. It doesn't matter how much you put on it, it's still a pig!"

Of course, my ultimate dream would be to also get the 17th Amendment repealed, but that may be just my own pipe dream. I would LOVE to not only insist we get as many Fair Tax supporters elected to the House, but to put the Senators on notice: "If we don't like what you are doing in DC, we'll just call you home and send someone who recognizes WHO THEY WORK FOR."

Just some ideas of how we can really make THIS election cycle the one that REALLY wins us BACK OUR COUNTRY and our LIBERTY.



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Comment by norwegianwood on May 10, 2010 at 8:07pm
Thanks D.L.!
I did see that there will be a tax debate in TN next weekend. MAN I wish I could go! I talked to my husband about it, and since we just paid for me to go to DC, he says we really just can't swing it this round. Hope a lot of people turn out. I don't know if it will be televised. THAT is what I'm after. I want this to be THE issue this election cycle. And, I want to know exactly where they stand.

That is wonderful news about the candidates your 9/12 and tea party orgs have managed promote to the ticket! Good going! I know all three of the representatives in MY district here in OH are supporters, but I can't speak to the rest of them. I only really got the idea back in April after the Tax Revolt Rally.

I am going to try calling Boortz' show and asking about it. lOl The worst he can do is hang up on me and talk bad about me. He's already done that, so, hey...no big deal, right? haha I'm also thinking of contacting the actual candidates and their staffs. IF we can get THEM to insist on the format...then, it doesn't matter what the networks want, right? Don't the candidates negotiate the style/format of any debate they'll participate in?

I look forward to staying in touch with you and anyone else with ideas on how we can make this a part of the NATIONAL debate.

again, GOOD JOB
Comment by D. L. Corder on May 10, 2010 at 7:45pm
I couldn't have said it any better than you did in your blog of April 19th. I totally support your position on finding the right candidates, who will support the FairTax. As an active member of an Independence Caucus/9-12 group in western Colorado, our Tea Party group has done exactly what you propose. We have vetted and endorsed, only candidates who will support the FairTax. If the candidates we vetted cannot and/or do not support the FairTax, they don't get our endorsement. As a result we have found a candidate for U S Senate and two Congressional Representatives (unfortunately they are running against each other), as well as a Gubernatorial candidate who are all in support of the FairTax. We have no doubt, that when they are elected, they will support the FairTax at both the Federal and State levels.

In addition, as a strong advocate for the FairTax, every opportunity I have, I promote the FairTax and encourage every personal contact I make, to always select their candidate of choice (regardless of political affiliation) based upon the candidates support of the FairTax.

I love your idea of using the media, especially Fox News anchors and/or program hosts, to help promote the FairTax. I rethink the main stream media is a lost cause. I have personally tried to contact all of Fox News major players, including Mike Huckabee, but to no avail. If you have any thoughts and/or ideas on how to reach these people and get their attention, I would love to hear from you. Mike Huckabee, is the only one who will openly discuss the FairTax. Even with all the recent discussion of the VAT tax on various Fox programs, not once did I hear the host mention the FairTax.
Comment by Jamie Wheeler WA on April 23, 2010 at 3:47am
Have you emailed all the candidates in your area to see if they are or would cosponsor the FairTax? EXCELLENT idea, but with ideas comes action and with action comes time.... it is GREAT to be working on this revolutionary piece of legislation with you...I sure wish my other friends were! In the meantime get those cafemoms to "become a FairTax Warrior"!!!

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