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You can help the Fair Tax movement and help make a significant improvement in the leadership by donating a few minutes each week while sitting at your computer in the comfort of your own home.


Radio stations and programs depend on ratings. The ratings are based on audience share. The station income and the announcer or host’s income is based on his or her ability to generate a larger market share.


We post events on the FairTax Nation web site. We ask you to look at these and try to listen to the programs listed. If you live in the area you can tune in but the most effective system is to connect to the show on your computer. Note the shows that list streaming audio. This means the show will be available on your computer at the web site listed in the event posting. When many of us visit that site there will be a surge and it will be interpreted as a strong public interest in the Fair Tax. The station will schedule more programs and more announcements about the Fair Tax because it has the power to generate more listeners and more revenue.

You can call in if you like. My personal opinion is that if there are not many calls a call from one of us can help. But this is not a time to try to make a speech and show off our own knowledge. This leaves the impression of an organized event. Just ask a simple question that someone looking for information might ask and is appropriate to the discussion and be sure to thank the host for an interesting program.

We know this activity works. We know interest in the program leads to more programs and greater exposure to our Fair Tax campaign. Please set a goal of at least one radio event a week and visit as many as you can. It is a great way to give support and does not detract from other contributions you make.


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Comment by Robert Lowry on March 1, 2009 at 3:00pm
I never cease to be amazed at the talent available from folks devoted to a cause. This is evident by the contents and comments on this site. With the Leadership available I believe as others have recently said "We can do it"; as we are the Authors of the grassroots movement that will eventually succeed in making the "FairTax " the Law of The Land. Thank you Hermain Cain. Lets look forward to Stew's next blog.
Comment by Fla Vol on February 28, 2009 at 10:24pm
I admire your enthusiasm and persistence. It is possible to get other powerful hosts to participate.
I have been taking notes to propose a sort of plan to go ahead with the constitutional conventions if needed to implement the fair tax. This past week Mr. Boortz discussed the same subject and said he had discussed it with Congressman Linder.
My plan is a little different. I am preparing information to send to Mr. Boortz and Rep. Linder to propose they not go ahead with this as just a fair tax proposal.
I believe they should work on a coalition of organizations that would have items that need to be defined in the Bill of Rights. Taxation, religious freedom and ending the strict separation of church and state, maybe abortion, right to bear arms and there are other things that could be covered such as how do you make a freee press an unbiased press, how do you take the money power from Washington politicians and give control back to the citizen voter?
There would be large numbers in such a movement and it should get reasonable action by 2/3 of the states including all the conservative states in the heartland-forget the cities, we do not need them.
Such a coalition could attract the interest and support of more of national hosts because it would not be an endorsement of any one item.
The number of people who believe in God and support the return of his recognition in federal buildings and schools would be huge.
I also feel it should a reafirmation of our sacred constitution. That is a convention to confirm and preserve our beautiful document but to define some of the additions such as the Bill of Rights. Some of these items were not well defined and some historians believe that was on purpose to avoid controversy and just to get them adopted in the 9 states that were required at the time. Therefore vague subjects were pushed thorugh a few states and left to the courts to define. It is time that we the citizens define what we believe our founding fathers intended.
We can do it.
The people interested in the right to have a gun for protection numbers many.
I think it would work and I have to get the subject into discussion by many people so the proposal will spread and be evaluated.
I am working on a better presentation for Neil Boortz and Congressman Linder and I will post info on a blog here in the near future.
Comment by C. Jason McKinley on February 27, 2009 at 10:11pm
One thing I'd like to point out that was mildly mentioned. I was told directly from a Salem Communications' national host's producer say to me (paraphasing) "that's a Boortz thing, he's got that cause and we'll leave it to him"..I responded that (direct quote) "No one has the market share on patrioticism, this is something that all of us...all taxpayers need to at least be aware of, and at most support vehemently. It's an American issue, not something any one host can commandier." I didn't want to take a "your either with us, or against us" stand on this, but I've been very discouraged with the bigger radio shows that show us indifference. I refuse to relent. I ask your patience, resolve and any suggestions. Sans the one about making an all out "dial" campaign that I have suggested in the past.
Comment by Fla Vol on February 23, 2009 at 9:59am
Just so you know, I was composing my last comment while Miss Fair Tax was posting hers so we both came to at least one similar conclusion that we commented on almost at the same time. Thank you Miss Fair Tax for being so brright and I am glad I agree with your comments.
Comment by Fla Vol on February 22, 2009 at 11:10pm
I would like to point out a couple of items that might help in your thoughts about this discussion.
First, our organization at FairTax.org I am sure has staff that are constantly contacting the radio show hosts mentioned above and are doing everything they can to get them convinced of the value of the Fair Tax. It is good that we prod them as illustrated by your comments but I think we need to realize this is an ongoing project.
Next, I think we need to know the problem that exists and come up with a solution. The problem is this.
Rush, Hannity, Boortz, Beck, and Hewitt and others all compete for air time and market share. The last I heard Rush has over 20 million listeners who tune in at some time during the week, not all at once but at least once a week. Hannity is next with probably 15 million or more and Boortz I think is below Hannity. The others I am not sure of.
We have to realize that Rush or the other hosts and their networks will be very hesitant about endorsing a cause that will make a competitor look good. I have heard Boortz comment about beating Rush in one of his markets. The listener market share each host commands determines their standing and rate they receive for ads. Endorsing the Fair Tax will give Boortz a big boost and I can see his competition would be reluctant. Hannity and Boortz are big friends, often travel and appear together and Hannity shows kind support for his friend but his network and he cannot afford to go all out for the Fair Tax.
When I started blogging I studied from a book written by Hugh Hewitt and I wrote to him and he was very gracious and gave me some tips, explained some items and even read some of my blogs and encouraged me. I believe at least one of those blogs were about the Fair Tax. Mr. Hewitt was very encouraging but I noticed there was not any direct comment about the Fair Tax. He has his field and Boortz has his field and I do not think they will get together.
I have been involved with the Fair Tax for several years but it has been interrupted by sickness. My first task was with organizational charts for my district in Florida and I did these for the staff in Texas at Americans for Fair Taxation (FairTax.Org). I was offered some nice positions but have always had to turn them down because of my bout with the big C. I am able to do small tasks like posting the radio events for you and I can do that at home from my computer.
My experience during these years has made me aware of the enthusiasm all of you have and like me you will write a great letter or comment and want to share it with all of us at the Fair Tax sites. This is great and healthy and generates the enthusiasm needed. But I am trying to softly say without discouraging anyone that we do not need to sell each other. All of us on this site are convinced about the Fair Tax and its potential value. So it is sort of like preaching to the choir.
What we need is more activity to promote the Fair Tax to those who are not yet convinced. I know the most productive path is through personal contact.
Jim has pointed out to us that we have about 1400 members now. If we each recruited one new member to this site in the next 30 days we would double our membership and we could grow from there.
I hope you will spend a few minutes listeneing to one of the radio shows on your computer as they are announced in FairTax Nation. And I hope you will ask one person to look at this site FairTaxNation and to join. Tell us your success stories and from that we will learn and be able to recruit more members. Then the members here will be encouraged to listen to the radio events and we will grow with new people which is how we will sell the Fair Tax program.
Comment by Tony on February 21, 2009 at 9:33pm
Hannity is pro-FairTax.....but doesn't make a point to bring it up much. He is for more 'here and now' solutions.....which the FT is....but he doesn't see it that way.
Rush.....he's a 'it'll never happen' guy who if we got onboard......it would be huge. But I personally don't see him getting onboard with it until he see's Washington on board with it. And of course thats the final step.

Beck.....I believe he is for it....but again he is more focused on the collapsing economy right now.
Again the FT would be a great thing to push now....but again he is more 'here and now' and will be onboard when Washington is.

Its up to us to let these people know that 'we are for it' and they should be for it too.
And like Stew said....if these people see viewings and listeners increasing when the FT is discusses....they will see it.
Comment by Fla Vol on February 20, 2009 at 12:30pm
I am sorry but none of those you mention have shown much interest in supporting the Fair Tax. Each seem to have some reservations. It is up to us to build the interest. We must work at it. I have given a suggestion that does not cost you any money, just a few minutes of time and we know from experience that it works so I ask you to reconsider.
My Great Grandfather John was a member of the movement that started a new party to stop slavery. It was a successful grass roots movement. They did it by personal contact with small group meetings of friends. Someone else is not going to do it for us, we have to do it ourselves. If we build sufficient interest others like the ones you mentioned will take notice and follow.
Jim Tomasik has been very active and generated this great website for us to contribute to and given us the means to notify others of radio events. Now, it is up to us to take it to the next level. Please try supporting the events and then we can support you in your efforts to contact those you mentioned.
Thanks for adding your thoughts.
Comment by Raymond Chuang on February 20, 2009 at 11:45am
The most important thing RIGHT NOW is to get the widely-listened conservative talk show hosts and TV commentators onto the FairTax bandwagon. This includes Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity (who's supported FairTax for some time), Glenn Beck, Hugh Hewitt, Neal Cavuto, Larry Kudlow, and so on to push for passage of FairTax. This would raise the voice of the entire Conservative movement and maybe it forces even President Obama to admit that FairTax is the ultimate "change" that will save not on the US economy, but even that of the entire world.
Comment by Robert Lowry on February 18, 2009 at 3:51pm
We know of what you speak. Here in Flagler County Florida we did a FairTax broadcast on an ABC affiliate and because of listener response to the station manager we were invited to do a second broadcast with a bit more detail. Guess what! now we have been asked to come back again- this time with in-studio input from our district co-sponsoring Congressman. Hard to beat that. In August, 2008 we did a similar Internet broadcast with 175,000 logged in listeners. That broadcast is still available for viewing or downloading at : http://heartbeatofflagler.com/fairtax/htm

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