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At 3:21am on April 28, 2014, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
SAVE & SHARE the DATE and Bring a Friend:
TUESDAY, MAY 6, 2014, 7pm
1620 S Union St
Hosted by: FairTax Supporters of Tri-Cities
PLEASE RSVP here on FTN at the link below:
At 3:05am on July 16, 2010, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
At 5:19am on July 15, 2010, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
FairTax Supporter...North Carolina Grassroots Freedom Riders are coming to town 7/25 & I need a Welcoming Committee Overseer at the PUD Auditorium & LOTS of FairTax supporters Lining the EAST side of 395 & the southeast side of 10th. Can FairTax Supporters count on you? zip me an email and NoMoreIRS@aol.com
At 2:07am on June 8, 2010, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
From your home...From your phone
JOIN US - Tuesday, June 22nd, 7:30-8:30pm!!
At 9:30pm on October 16, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
Are you going to make it to the Oc 31st T Party in Kennewick? I really need some people to help me with FairTax Awareness that day!
At 11:57pm on October 14, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
Have you called Hastings and asked why he hasn't signed the FairTax Legislation yet?
At 2:52pm on October 13, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
The time is to be determined but it will be sometime during the DC offices are also open. Shoot I thought we might plan an "in front of the local office call the DC office plan". Time TBA!!
At 4:15am on July 14, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
WOOOOO HOOOOO see you Wednesday! Gooo FairTax
The Stimulus Plan ALL political parties can & should support!
At 2:02pm on July 8, 2009, Paul Goertz said…
Hi Jamie, and Fellow Washingtonians,
I have to apologize for my new addiction, smartguys on smartgirlpolitics.com. I have 150 groups now and have started 450 blogs. How do I get back to getting focused on fairtax??????? .lol I"m back. sleepy but back. learning but back. see ya later, go fair tax! Paul, A Fellow Patriot
At 9:21pm on April 5, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
HELLO ROSS, COME JOIN ME ...I just created a WA Dist 04 group since we are growing and I want to have Congressman Hastings log on here and see an impressive number of people networking in his district. Here is the link...looking forward to increasing the numbers here in WA state as well as our districts individually!!
There are now 3 community coordinators--2 in Dist. 04 and 1 in 08!!!
HERE's the link for our new group: http://www.fairtaxnation.com/group/wadistrict04
Goooo FairTax...Hope all the FairTax supporters you know become members here on FTN & join their state's and local corresponding groups!!! WE THE PEOPLE...there is POWER in OUR NUMBERS!!!
At 4:44am on March 10, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
Welcome Udell, It is so great to have you here on FairTaxNation and another FairTaxSupporter!! I too live in Kennewick so maybe we'll actually meet up one of these days. Please join the WA state group and share!
Even bigger than that is sharing this site with everyone you know!!
At 2:16pm on March 6, 2009, Danny Tomasik said…
Hello Udell,

Welcome to the site.

Please join your states group under the 'Groups' tab at the top. We are planning a huge year for the FairTax in 2009 so you came to the right place.

Please invite every FairTax supporter you know to join as well. We want to build an army of supporters as quickly as we can.

Thanks for Joining FairTax Nation!

Dan Tomasik
At 5:43am on March 3, 2009, Dave Sibole said…
Hi Udell

Welcome to FairTax Nation!

FairTax Nation a site designed and managed by FairTax volunteers to serve the needs of FairTax advocates by providing a place to share ideas, find resources and create new opportunities with the goal of passing the FairTax HR 25.

On Nation we are working on many projects. One is our 50 State Campaign. We want to link at least 1,000 active volunteers in each state to work together in a national effort to pass the FairTax. That would give us at least 50,000 active volunteers able to communicate, plan events, etc. I know some people want a FairTax rally in Washington D.C. This is how we build the organization to make this event and many others possible.

Please feel free to invite your FairTax friends to join us.

Thank you!
Dave Sibole

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