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At 3:22am on April 28, 2014, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
SAVE & SHARE the DATE and Bring a Friend:
TUESDAY, MAY 6, 2014, 7pm
1620 S Union St
Hosted by: FairTax Supporters of Tri-Cities
PLEASE RSVP here on FTN at the link below:
At 11:35pm on March 25, 2010, Denis Miller said…

Got the wedding and move to Othello behind me and am ready to get busy with the Fair Tax again. Just trying to get re connected and see what kinds of activities are planned for April 15th. Trying out how to contact Jamie Wheeler on the FairTax Nation website.
At 3:46pm on January 1, 2010, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
You just missed out on receiving this update that was sent out to our WA State group. Please consider joining the group so you don't miss out! With 2010 an election year there will be lots of things going on! Just go to this link and "join"! Looking foward to seeing you there!

Hello FairTax Supporters! If you haven't heard we have our 59th cosponsor, not nearly enough, but we aren't giving up the fight!
LOTS happening in 2010:
1st: STORM THE HILL 2010, April 15!!!
in DC, via email, fax, phone, & going to local offices which ones will you commit to?
2nd: the ELECTION!!! Who is endorsing the FairTax? They are the ones who'll have the best interests of our country & their constituents at hand!!!
The FairTax Game comes out
Phone conference calls w/other Fairtax Supporters!
How & What can "you" do to help promote the FairTax Legislation? Looking forward to teaming together & getting this legislation PASSED!! R U W/ME???
At 12:21pm on July 12, 2009, Wayne J Glover said…
Have you read the proposed FairTax bill? I am currently studying this bill and have found some things that make little sense. Check out Sec. 801-806 maybe you can explain how this works. It sounds too much like legalese and is very confusing.
Also, a person brought up the question about amnesty for unpaid back taxes. I have floated an idea to him and will include it here to get your feedback.
Tax Amnesty would be a requirement in order to get the offshore money to be reinvested in the US economy. Do you think something like this would work?
At 1:24am on July 6, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
Wooo hooo, Way to go Robert!! Did more than just you show up at the TEA event? Share with me how it went! Wow...tomorrow is already Monday, where did the weekend go? Guess that is what happens when one works Fri. and Sat. HA Goooo FairTax!
At 12:34am on June 1, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
Mailded your package and cashed your check...are we good? What a crazy week and tomorrow is June 1st!
At 12:52am on May 19, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
Hey Robert, Noticed you haven't joined our WA State FairTax group yet. You can do so by going to this address:

Looking forward to having you in both!!
At 10:42pm on April 18, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
OH...by the way did you get your shirt in time?
At 10:42pm on April 18, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
Wooo hoooo!!! Ours went VERY well as well!! We got 180+ Online petitions filled out! Here is my "new" e-mail address yes2fairtax@live.com
I will hopefully have a date by the end of the week...I only work Wednesday (weekday) so that will give me lots of phone time!
At 11:50pm on April 16, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
How was the Tax Day Tea Party for you? Ours went GREAT!!!

After I get done entering over 180 names for WA state I'll be getting connected with others in Moses Lake so we can have a meeting!!
At 10:27pm on April 10, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
I got the magnets, bumper stickers and shirts!!! e-mail me so we can get these things to you and figure out what size you wear....
At 6:45pm on April 7, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
HELLO ROBERT, COME JOIN ME ...I just created a WA Dist 04 group since we are growing and I want to have Congressman Hastings log on here and see an impressive number of people networking in his district. Here is the link...looking forward to increasing the numbers here in WA state as well as our districts individually!!
There are now 3 community coordinators--2 in Dist. 04 and 1 in 08!!!
HERE's the link for our new group: http://www.fairtaxnation.com/group/wadistrict04
Goooo FairTax...Hope all the FairTax supporters you know become members here on FTN & join their state's and local corresponding groups!!! WE THE PEOPLE...there is POWER in OUR NUMBERS!!!
At 11:27pm on February 24, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
The magnets should be on the way... They have some fairly large ones and the other option is taking their bumper STICKERS onto a magnetic sheet and make the bumper magnet. I'll let you know when it arrives and $$ it is on a donation basis. e-mail thefairtax@live.com 586-7124 Looking forward to getting a group of you actively reaching out to your community to inform 1,000's of this legislation!! Start writing and submitting letters to your editor!! Glad to hear you are learning a lot with "The FairTax Book"... I read it and have reread and reread and reread and now highlighting and marking it up!! Gooo FairTax!!
At 5:22pm on February 12, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
You are in Congressional Dist. 04
At 5:22pm on February 12, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
WELCOME!! It was great talking with you too, and thank you for giving me your friend's number! I hope to have him on here soon too!
YAHOOO TODAY we have at least "1" FairTax supporter in ALL 9 of our congressional districts!! (34 members as of 3:15pm, 2/12) Keep spreading the word!! 1,000 & beyond on or BEFORE July 4th.
At 9:11am on February 12, 2009, Marilyn Rickert said…
Hi Robert!

Welcome to FairTax Nation!

FairTax Nation a site designed and managed by FairTax volunteers to serve the needs of FairTax advocates by providing a place to share ideas, find resources and create new opportunities with the goal of passing the FairTax HR 25.

On Nation we are working on many projects. One is our 50 State Campaign. We want to link at least 1,000 active volunteers in each state to work together in a national effort to pass the FairTax. That would give us at least 50,000 active volunteers able to communicate, plan events, etc. I know some people want a FairTax rally in Washington D.C. This is how we build the organization to make this event and many others possible.

Please feel free to invite your FairTax friends to join us.

Thank you!
Marilyn Rickert
At 10:22pm on February 11, 2009, Jamie Wheeler WA said…
Welcome Robert!! Hope you like the site and looking forward to getting things going for the FairTax there in Moses Lake. You are in congressional dist. 04
At 9:01pm on February 11, 2009, Jim Tomasik said…
Hello Robert,

Welcome to the site.

Please join your states group under the 'Groups' tab at the top. We are planning a huge year for the FairTax in 2009 so you came to the right place.

Please invite every FairTax supporter you know to join as well. We want to build an army of supporters as quickly as we can.

Thanks for Joining FairTax Nation!

Jim Tomasik

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