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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

When they ALL said, "Let Mikey do it", he did, and he LIKES it! This clip could have been the one on his website where he stumps for the FairTax, but you've seen all that. This is the summary of his 33 minute speech, urging you to get your boat out of the warehouse and into the water, to stir things UP! If EVER we needed boots on the ground, IT IS NOW! April 15th, noon, Chicago's Daley Center, or a city near you! "IT'S TIME" for a tea party!

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Comment by Gary R. Anderson on March 3, 2009 at 5:34pm
Be advised, Americans are an infant, just awakened, and crying for SOMETHING. They don't know what, just how to cry. www.Reteaparty.com has done much of the work FOR us, and now WE need to rush in to "feed the baby" with the FairTax. IT ALONE is the solution to their cries. For as long as AFFT remains on the sidelines in this awakening, they pine away this opportunity. But YOU, --the grassroots volunteers, must make do with your mere presence. So, on April 15th, where ever you live, take the whole family with signs and teeshirts a'Blazin' to march and give handouts to this awakening infant, and add them to the groundswell of demand for TRUE TAX REFORM.

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