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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

FairTax Nation is starting a membership drive looking for FairTaxers in every single state!

We have a 50 State Strategy starting today.

50 States
1,000 FairTax Nation members from each state
50,000 members by the 4th of July.

OK, I'm hearing people say, "WOW Jim, that's a LOT of people! Its gonna be hard!" No, Not really all that hard. We just have to put together a plan and make it happen.

1,000 members from your state should not be hard if you put together a plan to make it happen. North Carolina is well on their way with over 150 FairTax supporters to date. Georgia has 109!

We want to hear your Ideas and we have a few of our own.

So tell me first, how would you do it and how long will it take to get to 1,000 members in your state?

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If you can't get this, then we have no hope of FairTax passing into law... it's a very small percentage of the population.

One problem I see is a provincial mentality that seeks to support FairTax close to home. That's a great starting point, but we need every state. We need a mentality that financially supports a float in NYC no matter where the supporter hails from.

This would be so much easier if the national organization led it.... we know who those leaders are, we see the researchers and their work. While Jim and Marilyn are well known in FairTax circles, people new to the movement don't know who they, or how this site fits in. Most of us out here in cyberland don't have a clue about the person we're writing to, or wanting to support unless we spent some time developing a relationship. And in the context of a big organization, developing individual relationship becomes more and more difficult. I fully support this effort because I have met Jim and Marilyn, am aware of their past work and understand their goals. I want FairTax.org to understand the value and endorse one vehicle for their grass roots supporters. Will they do it? Will those with provincial minds see the benefit and throw in with this site, even if they've never met Jim and Marilyn? These are the obstacles. In the end, it doesn't matter how active and successful one state is if 30+ other states aren't equally active and successful.

It only takes a few people saying the right things to the right people in each state to bring people here to sign up. (ok... it may take some nagging at those who only want passive involvement). I for one am doing my best to forward this cause, by verbally promoting it where I can. I'm working on doing more.

Perhaps a bio for Jim and Marilyn would help. We've found with our project that people want to know who Mike is, and that he's not looking for an ego trip or an income source, that their donations are going to promoting FairTax and that he doesn't even come in contact with the funds. I know that people who know and trust me are more likely to come here... and they refer more. My suggestion is to help people know and trust the leaders on this site more. Also a mission statement posted where everyone sees it might help folks understand
You should send that as an email to Houston.

I agree. But they probably won't respond.

I live in Houston and contacted them to put my "business coalition" to work for AFFT, but never heard a peep back. Not even a "thank you, got your e-mail, please donate to the cause" auto-reply like every political machine has set up.
That is a huge problem... we're a grass roots movement with no support from the people that started it! This is so mismanaged... and yet the grass roots effort is thriving and I'm amazed. It only makes me believe that it's just a matter of time til it's worked out.
I believe strongly that momentum is gaining.

The bigger a snowball gets, the quicker it gets bigger ;)
Possible Mission Statement for FairTaxNation
To create a consolidated on-line presence of FairTax supporters nationwide, allowing greater political visibility & strength, as well as networking & educational assistance for FairTax groups throughout the country.
I think it's been stated here before, but to put it more concisely: we need to start from the top down.

National Organization leads the charge and provides the framework for the state and local orgs. State and local orgs take that direction and execute on it. State and Local orgs drive feedback up the chain. National Org LISTENS, evaluates, and RESPONDS with changes/adjustments. State and Local orgs execute....

Lather....rinse...repeat. It's simple multi-local business strategy 101.

Perhaps I am coming off as cynical or arrogant. I apologize if that is the case. It's just frustrating to know that there can/should be so much more from the AFFT.... In fact, this site (FTN) initially freaked me out a little bit because I couldn't figure out how it fit into the equation... I'm over it. :)
Where can we see how many members are in each state? When I do a search for some states, it picks up individuals in other states also.
Are you talking about FL? I know Indiana is not working right....

I will try again to see if I can track the problem down.
Does anyone know if Governor Mike Huckabee is going to be more involved with the AFFT crowd in Houston?
His recent plea for money from FairTax.org may lead one to hope maybe he will. At any rate if a bunch of FTN members contacted him at huckmail@foxnews.com and asked him to comment on HUCKABEE Saturday, how the FairTax could better stimulate the economy he will. I did that this morning and got an auto response that the Governor does indeed review all e-mail. I found that encouraging. Exposure from a national figure on a widely watch show can only help in acheving a 50 state, 50,000 goal.

Perhaps Ken Hoagland could shed some light on the question.

NC North Carolina 345

TN Tennessee 250

FL Florida 174

GA Georgia 162

OH Ohio 102

WA Washington 76

TX Texas 72

IN Indiana 63

NJ New Jersey 56

CA California 59

VA Virginia 60

PA Pennsylvania 56

AL Alabama 45

AK Alaska 2

AR Arkansas 15

AZ Arizona 22

CO Colorado 14

CT Connecticut 8

DE Delaware 2

HI Hawaii 3

IA Iowa 7

ID Idaho 6

IL Illinois 53

KS Kansas 19

KY Kentucky 23

LA Louisiana 5

MA Massachusetts 7

ME Maine 8

MD Maryland 17

MI Michigan 26

MN Minnesota 11

MO Missouri 34

MS Mississippi 29

MT Montana 5

NE Nebraska 6

NV Nevada 0

NH New Hampshire 3

NM New Mexico 2

NY New York 37

ND North Dakota 2

OK Oklahoma 22

OR Oregon 0

RI Rhode Island 0

SC South Carolina 42

SD South Dakota 1

UT Utah 2

VT Vermont 1

WV West Virginia 5

WI Wisconsin 36

WY Wyoming 2
Oregon should read 1

H. H. Gastfriend is a member in Eugene OR.

This gives us members in 49 States!


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