Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

FairTax Nation is starting a membership drive looking for FairTaxers in every single state!

We have a 50 State Strategy starting today.

50 States
1,000 FairTax Nation members from each state
50,000 members by the 4th of July.

OK, I'm hearing people say, "WOW Jim, that's a LOT of people! Its gonna be hard!" No, Not really all that hard. We just have to put together a plan and make it happen.

1,000 members from your state should not be hard if you put together a plan to make it happen. North Carolina is well on their way with over 150 FairTax supporters to date. Georgia has 109!

We want to hear your Ideas and we have a few of our own.

So tell me first, how would you do it and how long will it take to get to 1,000 members in your state?

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what about NV... Dont we have some NV folks?
I am just getting the information from the advanced search feature and I don't have a lot of confidence in its accuracy. As of the first time I compiled the list we had 2 in Nevada. Don't know what happened to them and I know at one time we had someone from Oregon don't know what happened there either. Last time I compiled it Indiana was showing everyone members there. This time it seemed to be ok. So at best I think the list is only an indicator.

Its good enough to get a feel for where we are. Thank you for taking the time to help me with it.
I think I just recruited someone in the state of Washington (I live in Ohio), someone I don't even know! I called the phone company re: an issue with my phone. As always, the economy comes up no matter who I'm speaking with. I asked if she'd ever heard of the Fair Tax Plan. She had not. I gave the high points of the plan, explained that it's not a partisan issue, and then about Rep. Steve King and the special order. She was excited! I told her to check out fairtax.org and to locate people in her area on fairtaxnation.com. She said I made her day and thanked me over and over again for sharing. Said she can't wait to get off work and check out the websites.

I believe that we can reach 50,000 members by July 4th.

I'm planning to have some pamphlets made up using the "What is the Fair Tax?" information from fairtax.org, informing them of recent info re: HR25 and fairtaxnation.com. Members of my family and I will pass them out door to door and place them in physician's offices and a variety of other places.
I've been talking to folks here in Washington since last summer, but my own motivation has really spiked since Jamie started working the east side of the state. I have a FairTax meeting scheduled for 2 weeks from now in our local library. Wish me luck, and feel free to send me advice for agenda and conversation.

'Best of luck to you.

Remember the goal. It would be great if WA could take the lead at some point.
I forgot to mention that I also informed my new friend in Washington state about March 17. She wrote it down and said she's looking forward to it. I just couldn't get over her enthusiasm!
I have been going around some of the states and going to the Home Builders associations, Cattleman Ass'c, etc, finding a few email addresses and attaching the info from FairTax org on that industry. It is amazing how many personal email addresses are out there, especially realtors, they want their name to get the business. So many of the small businesses belong to the Chamber of Commerce and they also have their personal email.
Go to your city's chamber and pull up membership, if they have a weblink go to it and look for contact. Yes, it is tedious, but I am in Florida passing the word to MS and ND trying to get them here. If all participated wow, all 50 states.

Try it and spread the word!
I started this morning contacting bike clubs here in Ohio through http://ohiobikers.com I am attaching a copy of the pdf flier for the raffle that Grassroots Freedom Ride as well as a picture of Mike and Carol's bike to look at and a hot link their site. I'm not a bike but the internet is allowing me to make contacts I never would have been able to make without it.
As of March 27th (per Dave Sibole)

NC North Carolina 421

TN Tennessee 259

GA Georgia 173

FL Florida 192

OH Ohio 119

WA Washington 97

TX Texas 80

IN Indiana 66

NJ New Jersey 60

CA California 66

VA Virginia 66

PA Pennsylvania 61

AL Alabama 58

AK Alaska 2

AR Arkansas 15

AZ Arizona 22

CO Colorado 16

CT Connecticut 8

DE Delaware 2

HI Hawaii 4

IA Iowa 9

ID Idaho 6

IL Illinois 59

KS Kansas 22

KY Kentucky 25

LA Louisiana 6

MA Massachusetts 7

ME Maine 8

MD Maryland 19

MI Michigan 28

MN Minnesota 13

MO Missouri 38

MS Mississippi 29

MT Montana 5

NE Nebraska 9

NV Nevada 0

NH New Hampshire 3

NM New Mexico 2

NY New York 40

ND North Dakota 2

OK Oklahoma 24

OR Oregon 0

RI Rhode Island 0

SC South Carolina 45

SD South Dakota 1

UT Utah 3

VT Vermont 1

WV West Virginia 16

WI Wisconsin 42

WY Wyoming 2


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