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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

In spite of giving candidate Herman Cain a pass with his 9-9-9 tax plan, I now speak strongly against it.  Mr. Cain will not be President.  He will not be able to influence congress to bring the FairTax to the floor for dicussion much less pass HR-25. 
Rather than dividing the FairTax supporters he needs to get off the 9-9-9 wagon and put it away for good.  Rather than teaching 9-9-9, teach the FairTax.  Rather than coaxing candidates for 2012 positions to support 9-9-9 in exchange for Cain's endorsement, help the candidates to a better understanding of the FairTax so they can teach it as they campaign.
When I spoke with Herman as he sat in for Neal Boortz recently, he boasted about the 'survey' he commissioned that found more than 50% of the respondents would support 9-9-9, he also acknowledged that the survey did not offer a choice of any other tax plans.  Some survey!  Talk about fixing the results. 
Anyone who has sufficient understanding of the many facets of our economy that is benefited by the FairTax will not accept any other tax reform idea.
If readers of this comment don't feel that way, you do not yet have a deep enough understanding of the FairTax.  When you do, your committment to it will change markedly.

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Thank you very much for this Larry! It desperately needed to be said. I can't understand why people are still on this 9-9-9 thing...unless it is all that they have known. There are many people who never heard about the FairTax until they heard about 9-9-9 and now that Cain is down the Drain, they are confused about the whole situation. We need to educate!

Thanks again Larry!

- Robert Williams

Larry. The ONLY thing I liked about the 9-9-9 plan was the cartoon video that showed what a disfunctional "monster" the current tax code is. I wished the AFFT had done (or still could) do the same thing. It was informative, clever, and easy to understand.


Of course, everyone is allowed to pursue any initiative that they wish.  I am all for freedom.

With that said, I wonder what the goal or expectation is of anyone promoting 9-9-9?  Fair Tax has a team, sponsors, reputation, and years of trial and error.  

Gene, Mark & Robert,


Copmment to the organizations you work with and be an informer of the negative effects of Cain's promotion of 9-9-9.  Additionally, he has influenced candidates like "Plumber Joe" to promote 9-9-9 in exchange for Cain's endoursement of Joe.  This is a poorer decision for Joe too since it now shows him as one who can be bought.  Joe is, was a  FairTax advocate.  Now he is buying into the idea that the FairTax is to tough to run on and that 9-9-9 is an interim step to the FairTax.

We don't need the interim step. The FairTax will stand up well against any opposition.  Why teach about what 9-9-9 will do when they could teach about what the FairTax will do? 

Just communicate to all you can and help build the swell against 9-9-9.


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