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American Solutions FINALLY states their position on the Fair Tax, sort of.


I'm sorry for my extended absence. I've been focused on HAMMERING Newt Gingrich's Organization, American Solutions, for a direct answer on their position on the Fair Tax.

Finally, they got SO annoyed with me, that I got a tart response from one of their staff in the comments section of one of their articles!!!! YAY!! Halla lu! Glory be!

Members, NOW is the time to DESCEND upon American Solutions IN FORCE. They've discontinued their "Solutions Lab," but apparently they are PAYING ATTENTION to the user comments in each of their articles.

My A.S. ID is "Jeffrey Wyatt" so you'll know which comments are mine.

Here is the link.


Follow this link, sign up, and BLAST AWAY for all your worth at AMERICAN SOLUTIONS and their stated "sort of" NON-SUPPORT of the Fair Tax. Get your Friends, Family, and Associates to back us up on this too.

Can we change their mind? Who knows. BUT, if we can persuade Newt Gingrich and American Solutions to openly endorse and strongly push the Fair Tax, then that JUST MIGHT convince someone like Palen, Hannity, or (chuckles) Limbaugh to take notice!

Again, sorry for my absence and inattention here, but I hope my efforts at American Solutions will pay off and make a difference!

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> Hi, Pilgrim
I can't get the link to work, and I am also having trouble getting to other posts that I had made or knew of on American Solutions. I remember the original position that they took in support of the flat tax, and also saw the flawed research that they posted as the reason for their position. Has this changed?
Well, I will say they're reasoning is still flawed. They just haven't put much thought into the matter has been my impression.

"Ehhhhhh...why don't we just roll out the good ol' flat tax again! It has always passed for tax reform in the past! Never mind that we don't intend to pursue it after we get elected!"
Hey Pilgrim,

Good to have you back.

Please fix your link!
Okay, I think the link is fixed...the one I originally posted didn't work for me either, but the new one is.
> I went on and stated that your post was on topic, and put in a plug for the FairTax. I finished with REAL CHANGE REQUIRES REAL CHANGE, as it seems Newt doesn't understand hid own mantra.
I have become increasingly disappointed with Newt. I would have voted for him during the last election cycle but now he would not get my vote even if he was running as dog-catcher. Why? NY23 comes to my mind. And if he expects me to believe his sorry excuse that he was either misinformed or ill-informed about the race, then I say we don't have room for conservatives who don't know what they are talking about! Besides, he's not really behind the Fair Tax anyway.
Thanks for the support Cary! Every time one of the staff at A.S., responds to one of my comments, someone else has always come to the defense of the Fair Tax. I think they get the message, but JUST don't want to hear it.
In case you guys weren't aware, Newt is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, so I wouldn't be expecting too much from him. In fact, I'd run as fast as you can from both him and his organization, I'd consider it a trap: http://www.scribd.com/doc/12931923/CFR-Membership-Roster
If you're not aware of what the cfr is, take some time to investigate what they're really about, then look at the roster again, notice all the familiar names; and you'll understand even more so, the gravity of our situation. Tea Party is being infiltered by the progressive movement, and American Solutions is one of the problems as you're probably finding out. Just my two cents.
Translation: 'We like the FairTax, but a flat tax would be easier!!'

Translation for us: 'We want to repeat the errors of old!!'

Newt for me is too political....'DDUUUHHH I know' I hear you say.
But I'm no sick of politics.....this is about solutions!!


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