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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

You no doubt remember the Iowa Straw Poll back in 2008, when the Fairtax Bus and the Carnival tent, and FairTax Fair-ris wheel, don't you?  What a time,and Fairtax really got on the map that summer.  I'm just not sure if this coming year it's the best use of our funds to try to out-do that.


So, I'm setting up this discussion to get support for a much less cost, but just as super an idea.  There will be a section of "vendor booths" outside the candidate area, where people get literature on the issues du-jour, and probably alot of free pens too!


I want FairTax to host a booth, that has  (ready??) ----- A shootin' gallery!   You come in, sign up, get some FairTax promotion gear, and then get escorted over to the range to SHOOT DOWN some of those nasty Federal taxes!  Get a thousand points for killing off the 16th amendment! 


There are several systems to accomplish this, and much of it can be done with our own workmanship.  First, there's BB's; a nogo.  Then waterguns, better but messy. Also paintball, also a nogo.  But wait!  there's LASER tag.  (No one shoots anyone else, though)  It's all electronic, digital, PORTABLE, and quite cheap!


Since the feedback has been so positive, I'm posting some pictures and a video to show all.

Also, try this link, for a scaled down idea of how it works.

Now, before you go nuts, remember -- this is for FairTax at a one day National media heavy event. Almost none of you will see it, except on TV or photos, but you are needed to help financially to make FairTax the most DESIREABLE booth at the straw poll. Work this in your hearts, and reserve a donation SPECIALLY to make this happen. I'll come forward with the details and cost projections as they come in.

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> A good idea but we need to have some kind of prize that makes it impossible for the media to ignore. It would have to either be very valuable to make huge numbers turn out or so absurd that it will cause a big stir.
ABSURD? , you say??? Why, that's my middle name! But first things first. This appearance will cost alot of moola! And guess where the money comes from? Yup! So ante up FairTaxers! I'd like to be able to make a teeshirt for EVERY participant, and get them to actually WEAR it at the affair. That might cost $3 per shirt AT LEAST, depending on what logo you use, but you see, instead of making a big tent to get attraction at thousands of dollars, have the people be your billboard! There would be a huge line to play the game! The press would eat that up! Something like this:
"I shot down the IRS",
the Payroll Tax,
the Hidden Corporate Taxes,
the Social Security Tax,
the Medicare Tax,
the Capital Gains Tax,
the Gift Tax,
The Death Tax,
AND THE 16th Amendment!

.....excuse me as I RELOAD!

[FairTax logo]

 I like this "Gun, Freedom and Money Idea" ...

You got to make your Lazer Gun HUGE.

Do we know yet when the straw poll will take place?  I was also in Ames with some others from GA. 




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