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Anyone know about this? FairTax Television Matching Fund Investment Form (letter typed in)

A FairTax supporter shared this with me as I haven't received anything like it.


"Investment Fund" what exactly is this about?  I've read the letter and it is very vague.


The Body of the letter a FairTax Supporter Received.


FairTax Television Matching Fund Investment Form


(name &

address sent to)


I know the importance of educating millions o fAmericans about the FairTax, and are therefore undertaking this investment.


Please check one:


___  Enclosed find either a check drawn to the FairTax Matching Fund or a credit card payment

       authorization for the one time amount of $100.  I understand that this investment will be

       matched and therefore has double the impact.


       I further understand that with an investment of $100 or more my name is eligible for inscription

       on the permenent "Champions of the FairTax Scroll" on the FairTax.org website.  Please

       use this name on the Champions Scroll:


       Please print very carefully. If no name is provided, your investment will be listed on the     

       Champion's Scroll as "Anonymous".


___ I am pleased to be in a position to take advantage of this opportunity by making a one-time

      only investment of $_____________ at this time.  I understand that this investment will be

      matched and therefore have double the impact.




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Do you have a link to it? Did I miss it?
It isn't a link...it is something one of the FairTax supporters in my area got in the mail.
> Jamie, Can you post a copy?
I got a call from a volunteer in NY asking about the same type of mailing. I have no idea what it is about.

Is there any way you can scan it and post it here?

Not having heard anything about this, it kind of sounds like someone starting a scam by using the popularity of the FairTax.
I'll see what I can do later today to make it possible for you to see it.

The return address is as follows:
1302 WAUGH DRIVE #382
HOUSTON TX 77019-3908
> That is the correct address for AFFT.
Well, actually the address for AFFT is 3900 Essex Lane. I'm guessing this is the address for the other group (Butcher & Butcher) who are running the FairTax Victory campaign.

I received this e-mail tonight, is this what you are asking about?
It sounds legitimate to me, let me know what others think about it.

Dear Joe,

I want to share with you, as one of the supporters of the FairTax, an opportunity we have to advance our cause a great deal. A group of supporters with substantial assets has agreed to produce a 30 minute television program on the FairTax, and to put this program on television throughout the United States!

In anticipation of the support of great FairTax supporters like you, the program is already in production. I will be co-hosting the show which will also include economists and leaders such as Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Michael Reagan, and Neal Boortz.

The FairTax television program will have an important Call to Action, the signing of an Official Certified Petition to the U. S. Congress in support of the FairTax by calling 1-800-FairTax and authorizing your name be enrolled on the FairTax Congressional Petition to United States Senators and Members of the House of Representatives.

This film can also be streamed throughout the United States via Google and your own FairTax.org website. It can be posted on YouTube so you and I as well as hundreds of thousands of fellow FairTax supporters will be able to simply and easily email the link to everyone in our address books. There will also be a 5 minute condensed version, to allow Americans everywhere to learn enough about your FairTax Bill in Congress to sign the Petition and become involved.

The group of FairTax supporters producing the FairTax television program has funded the entire cost of its production. They have done so on the basis of my promise, hereby fulfilled, that I will ask our supporters to invest with them. To encourage your investment, and to further strengthen our movement, they have agreed to match every dollar we invest. That means we can double our investment right now. If we can raise $100,000 they will match it with another $100,000 and all of these funds will be devoted to delivering your FairTax television program to the American people.

Click here now to double your money for the FairTax

Your FairTax television program not only calls for action, but it is educational. It explains the damage the income tax, capital gains tax, death tax, minimum alternative tax, tax on small and large businesses, tax on social security, pensions and funds withdrawn from IRA , defined benefit and other deferred taxation investment create for our entire economy and global competitiveness.

Today I am asking you to consider investing $25, or at least $15 to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. Your $25 investment in your FairTax television program will help raise $50 for your FairTax television program and will show it to voters all across America!

Take advantage of this great opportunity, click here now to double your money for the FairTax.

There has never been a better chance to bring the FairTax message to a mass of 140,000,000 voters in all 50 states in a form they can relate to and double the effectiveness of our investment at the same time!

So, if you can possibly consider a one-time investment of $25, or at least $15, now is definitely the time to do so. If you are among the fortunate who can consider investing even more, again, this is the time when you can make the maximum impact with a substantial investment. Every dollar is matched, which adds up to great value by giving your FairTax a huge lift just at the right time in our history. The American people are finally recognizing that our federal tax system is our greatest barrier to economic growth, creating jobs, financial and global security, and to the future of our children, and unborn generations of Americans.

I know you want to do everything you can for your FairTax cause—and the cause is no less than creating the greatest transfer of power from the politicians and the political elite to the American people we have experienced since the Declaration of Independence!

Most sincerely yours,

Ken Hoagland, Chairman
National FairTax Victory Campaign

P. S. Never before have we had an opportunity like this to raise FairTax awareness so much, so fast with such a small investment please act now. Thank you. Ken.
Click here now to double your money for the FairTax!


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