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AR, FL, GA, IN, MO, NC, OH, TN, WA, WI (So Far)...Does YOUR State have FairTax endorsing Candidates? Please share & I'll update the list!

     Primaries are in the forefront and below is a list to help you stay informed as to whom is endorsing the FairTax.  NOTE...FairTaxNation is not endorsing them, just letting you know there are FairTax Supporters who are running for Congress. Goooo FairTax!  The FairTax is about America NOT a party!

     Below you may find a district: # / # because a link has been provided to charts, this number is to show you how many are for the FairTax / how many are running in that district.




US Senate

Randy Alexander http://alexanderforsenate.org/site/the-issues/reform-of-tax-code/



Dist. 3 Mr. Dean Black - http://deanblack2010.com/w/
Dist. 24 Karen Diebel www.diebelforcongress.com


Dist. 13 Michael Frisbee http://www.Frisbee2010.com



Senate Race
Don Bates Jr http://www.donbatesjr.com/
Richard Behney http://www.richardbehney.com/
Marlin Stutzman http://www.gomarlin.com/
Update for Indiana.
All 9 Districts were won by FairTax supporting candidates who have committed to becoming a co-sponsor if elected here in Indiana. The only race that we lost was the Senate Race and we are still working on him.
District 1:  Mark Leyva http://www.markleyva.com/
District 2:  Jackie Walorski http://www.standwithjackie.com/
District 3  :Congressman Mark Souder-Current Co-sponsor http://www.souderforcongress.com/
District 4:  Todd Rokita http://www.toddrokitaforcongress.com/
District 5:  Congressman Dan Burton--Current Co-sponsor http://indianadan.com/
Mike Murphy - http://www.mikemurphycongress.com/
District 6:  Congressman Mike Pence- Current Co-sponsor http://www.mikepence.com/
District 7:  Dr. Marvin Scott http://www.marvinscott.org/
District 8:  Larry Bucshon http://www.bucshonforcongress.com/
District 9:  Todd Young http://toddyoungforcongress.com/----he is already being attacked by Baron Hill who had successfully attacked former Co-sponsor Mike Sodrel in the past and defeated him for his support of the FairTax. We will need some help in this race in defending the FairTax.



District 5:  Jerry Fowler



District 6: Anna Little - www.annalittleforcongress.com
District 9: Michael Agosta - www.agostaforcongress.com


2010 NC Statewide_Candidate_Scorecard_M2.pdf,

District 1:  0/3

District 2:  3/4

District 3:  1/3

District 4:  3/4

District 5:  0/3

District 6:  2/4

District 7:  1/3

District 8:  5/9

District 9:  2/10

District 10:  2/6

District 11:  5/8

District 12:  3/5

District 13:  3/5

US Senate: 3/10



informational page   has the candidates names, their stand & a link to their website. 

District 1: 1/2

District 2: 5/6

District 3: 1/1

District 4: 1/3

District 5: 7/9



District 1:  Dr Phil Roe [cosonsoir this session]

District 2:  John Duncan [cosponsor this session]

District 3:  Van Irion http://www.fairtaxnation.com/profile/VanRIrion?xg_source=profiles_m...
District 8:  Donn Janes  http://donnjanesforcongress.org/



District 1:  Matthew Burke http://www.matthewburkeforcongress.com/issues.html

District 3:  David Castillo http://www.castilloforcongress.com/Budget_and_Spending/

District 6:  Jesse Young http://www.jesseyoungforcongress.com/

US Senate:  Paul Akers http://www.akersforussenate.com/issues.asp



District 2:  Tim Nerenz 2nd district (L) http://timnerenz.com/
Dist. 3:  Mike Krsiean (I) http://www.krsieanforcongress.com/
Dist. 4:  Dan Sebring (R) http://www.dansebringforcongress.com/
Dist. 7:  Dan Mielke (R) http://www.danielmielke.com/
Dist. 8:  Andy Williams (R) http://www.williamsforcongress.us/

US Senate:  Rob Taylor (C) http://www.robtaylorforsenate.com/

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Let's not forget Rob Woodall (GA, 7th), Cong. Linder's chief of staff who helped write "The FairTax - the Truth" in conjunction with Boortz and Linder and has promised to carry the FairTax banner forward and champion the cause if he is successful in winning the seat being vacated by Cong. Linder.

I would suggest that we email Mr. Woodall our list of FairTax supporters once the elections are over so that he may begin rallying the "troops". Two thousand ten - the year of the FairTax!
I was at a meet and greet last night with Connecticut Republican Senatorial candidate Peter Schiff. I asked him if he would support The Fair Tax. He replied yes. However he expressed concern with people who have been taxed on their income being taxed again on their savings. I attempted in a very short period of time to inform about the overall tax burden will be far lower with The Fair Tax, will no longer be taxed on investments and that future generations would not experience a tax on income and savings as the current generation would even if his scenario were true.

Later in the evening the issue of the 2nd amendment, gun ownership and registration came up. He stated his support for registration but is against taxing guns. I was not able to ask him a follow up question if he felt guns should be exempt from the Fair Tax.
I don't think the taxing guns thing is refering to taxing at the point of sale. It has something to do with taxing people for owning them. This topic has come up before around my neck of the woods.
Jamie, Looks like Tim Burns PA-12 has denonuced the FairTax in his debate last night. We need to remove him
What a total shame this is upon all of us :( - While we continually encourage candidates to support the FairTax, where do we ever provide support for the candidate? The opposition party ran their attack ads against Tim Burns for his support of the FairTax and they have apparently won.

Tim Burns, realizing he was not going to get any support, did what he had to do. Is it any wonder?

It is not enough for us to come here and speak well of FairTax supporters - we must be prepared to put our money where our mouths are - we at least need to be willing to stand up and fight for FairTax candidates. Unfortunately, I don't see this group doing any of that. For shame! For Shame!!
Update for Indiana.
All 9 Districts were won by FairTax supporting candidates who have committed to becoming a co-sponsor if elected here in Indiana. The only race that we lost was the Senate Race and we are still working on him.

District 1 Mark Leyva
District 2 Jackie Walorski
District 3 Mark Souder Current Co-sponsor
District 4 Todd Rokita
District 5 Dan Burton Current Co-sponsor
District 6 Mike Pence Current Co-sponsor
District 7 Dr. Marvin Scott
District 8 Dr. Larry Bucshon
District 9 Todd Young----he is already being attacked by Baron Hill who had successfully attacked former Co-sponsor Mike Sodrel in the past and defeated him for his support of the FairTax. We will need some help in this race in defending the FairTax.
I attended a meet and greet for U.S. Connecticut Republican Senatorial Candidate Vincent Forras. I noticed on the issues page of his website the following passage regarding tax reform:

Tax Reform: I am in support of a comprehensive proposal that implements a simple, low, and fair tax system that provides tax relief for working Americans and protects the rights of taxpayers through reducing tax collection abuses that will eliminate bias against savings and investment, and promotes economic growth and job creation. By including a national consumption tax, a prebate to ensure no American pays federal taxes on spending up to the poverty level, dollar-for-dollar federal revenue neutrality through companion legislation, and the repeal of the 16th Amendment, we could put this nation back to fiscal responsibility that is fair for all its citizens.

I stated to him these points exactly match the essential elements of The Fair Tax Act. Given that fact I asked him if he will support The Fair Tax Act if elected. His response was an emphatic yes. It will be a tough road to hoe for him considering he is up against Linda McMahon, Peter Schiff and Rob Simmons. Schiff has stated his support for The Fair Tax. Simmons has told me he supports tax reform but wouldn't specifically commit to The Fair Tax. I haven't been able to ask McMahon.
Hi Jamie, I'm sorry I did not see this before. We had several running in the primary in Ohio that are FairTax supporter; but they did Not win. We still have 2 men running for Senator Vonivich's seat that are for FairTax. They are Eric Deaton and Scott Hubert. I am assuming there are more.
Here is the list of all candidates the endorses the FairTax in Wisc. I have personnaly talked to all of them and they endorse it on their website. I also have 2 more One a dem that supports it , but don't want the Tim Burns reaction.
Dan Mielke 7th district (R) http://www.danielmielke.com/
Mike Krsiean 3rd district (I) http://www.krsieanforcongress.com/
Dan Sebring 4th district (R) http://www.dansebringforcongress.com/
Rob Taylor Senate Candidate (C) http://www.robtaylorforsenate.com/
Tim Nerenz 2nd district (L) http://timnerenz.com/
Andy Williams 8th district (R) http://www.williamsforcongress.us/

In reference to your remark about the "Tim Burns reaction" there area few key points to consider. The Democrats hold PA-12 district by a 2:1 margin. Burns lost by a far closer margin than 2:1. That's despite Critz trying to paint himself as a conservative opposed to gun control and abortion rights, and a foe of Obamacare.

Also keep in mind this was only a special election. Critz only has until November to be in office. This means campaigning for the November election starts today for Burns if he going to give it another try. I wouldn't paint Burns in a negative light so quickly given the above facts. It is far more positive for him than appears on the surface.
Yes I understand this,and those concernswas brought up before the Tim Burns adds. What I feel will help and I talked to one of those candidates, was that AFFT ran counter adds.That may make a difference in the future.

AFFT did run counter ads.


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