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a FairTax supporter in a specific career field.  That is what this new group is about


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The goal is to have a SEPARATE Discussion for each different career field different FairTax Supporters are in, this will help others to know how to respond or ask how to respond to a naysayer from a specific career field.
Jamie, I'm working on something like this. It's to start a group of people who work for tips. Before the late 1970s tips were not reported as income. The IRS then decided that tip income was income under their definition, not a gift as had been contended. Resistance to this was met with threats and intimidation resulting in employers now having to collect info on their employees' tips and withhold taxes from their paycheck to cover the tip income. The result of this is clearly double taxation, as the persons giving the tips cannot deduct it from their taxes. I'm talking to a fairly bright young woman working as a waitress here in L.A. I think I can persuade her to start a group. If I can get any traction going on it we might be able to grow to a fairly large entity in support of the FairTax. Feel free to bounce any ideas off that you have.


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