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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

They Still Don’t Get It!

The mileage tax currently pushing its way through the Senate is just another layer of bureaucracy that will create more opportunity for good people to become criminals. Senator Barbara Boxer’s plan for implementation is the “honor” system. Each of us promises to report our mileage in some manner. Yeh, right. How will this reporting take place? Perhaps on some government form? Do we call the local DMV? Will the sales clerk notarize each purchase? Will this reporting process be daily, monthly, annually? If implemented will the current federal gas taxes disappear? Irregardless of the reporting/collection process this “honor system” will morph into something more gargoylish, much like our wonderfully simple tax code has. If our elected officials were paying attention to those they work for they would know by now that slicing and dicing their tax code has not worked. The “mileage tax” is nothing more then another element in their arsenal of “Weapons of Mass Taxation” aimed at the destruction of our economy and control of the people who elected them. It will increase government cost and ratchet up the anger of the American taxpayer. It is a shame that the scent of power is so strong that our elected officials refuse to seriously consider the simplicity of the FairTax concept. A system so simple and effective that we may have been able to avoid this economic adjustment we are going through now. The unemployment levels we have today would disappear and April 15th would be just another day.

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If/when this tax is implemented....I 'will' be along with millions of others refusing to pay it.
While the current tax code is a million steps too far....this will be the straw that broke the camels back for me.
If this tax is passed, how will employers implement reimbursement to employees that travel for work? I see that as a big potential problem. My husband drives several hundreds of miles each week for his employment. This is another "brilliant" idea from Congress.


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