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Both myself and my wife are receiving Disability Insurance (we are 59 and 58)) due to serious health issues. How will this effect the monies that we receive after paying in for over 30 years? It is costing us nearly 80% just to survive and we are debt free.

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Are we to assume you mean Social Security disability?

Exactly. Social Security Disability.


















The FairTax is the only plan that can preserve it. It changes the funding base to consumption from income which is shrinking fast.
So, in other words, I will pay the tax like everyone else but will get a prebate based on Social Security Disability? No where in SB 25 did I see this addressed. But when I used the calculator, it showed my "fair" tax as 6.25 Is this correct?
Also saw on 60 Mins. Leslie Stahl talking with the CEO of Cisco concerning corporate taxes in the US. All major corporations have offices in either Sweden or Ireland as they are "tax" friendly. There is approx. 32 BILLION that Cannot come back stateside. Why has the Fed not given them a safe haven to bring the monies and jobs back? Sais if the Fed would tax @ 12%, the jobs and Corps. would come back Stateside. This tax would shore up our country!
The prebate is based on household size, the number of persons who live there. Stop worrying about income or it's source. Read about it at FairTax.org. The FairTax would make the U.S. the most tax friendly nation on earth, there would be no corporate tax. The figure is more like 14 trillion $, that is with a T. And that would supercharge our economy. There would be a lot more empty office space offshore too.


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