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Why are there more than 73,000 at facebook/fairtax.org but only 7820 at FTN?  It seems to me those people should be directed to FTN instead of directing FTN members to facebook.  There's something wrong when far more Fair Tax supporters frequent a website not exclusively devoted to The Fair Tax than one that is devoted only to The Fair Tax. What is FTN missing?


Also, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

> Exactly, That's why we need to go there and nudge them over here.


Nudging will take far too long. the FairTax.org page at facebook should simply be shutdown and inform people to meet by registering at FTN otherwise we are simply defeating our own purpose of uniting at one location.

> Dan, I go on there every day and post a message saying to join FairTaxNation. I think it's the best thing I can do in regards to the Facebook page. True, this looks like another of FairTax.org's efforts that will look good but not accomplish much, but we should mine it for as many supporters as we can. The response on the Facebook page is 99% positive toward the FairTax. FairTax.org is not going to shut down the Facebook page as long as they are seeing positive feedback from it even if it's just a waste. My guess is they will turn it into a cash cow and raise money for something like the online tax revolt. If we all comment on there about joining our group we might gain 5% of those people and get them active in really promoting the FairTax either through our efforts or through political action. We need to work with every tool we can get.


Then why not shut down FTN and join everyone else at facebook since there are ten times more Fair Tax supporters at facebook?

I don't see any results coming from facebook we fund and staff the CPAC booth every year. But it become a recruiting tool. We need more members, so it can't hurt to tell them who is doing something to get results.
> Typical quick reply typos and errors, but the idea is there.

These two sites provide TWO entirely two different needs! and FairTax.org yet another!! FaceBook is in the public eye alot and it is necessary to get that visual, but FTN has been where ACTIVE FairTax supporters go to share, get input, etc.

As a State Director I want EVERY tool out there to reach and organize keep the base energized that is out there!!

ABSOLUTELY disagree!!!!!!!!!  FairTax needs to be EVERYWHERE...#1 & #2 as a SD, DD, CC & on the FAST I don't want people here who aren't going to GET ACTIVE!!  I want to know that if I send out a blast email for an activity & have less than 10 people interested out of 300 is beyond discouraging! 

How many of the 7,800 here on FTN are sustaining donors here on FTN or FairTax.org or both?

Being directed to both are important...but note...those on FTN are MORE ACTIVE supporters, whereas those on FB may just be strong supporters. Not everyone's family & friends are FairTax Supporters. "SPECIFIC" sites tend to have less membership... Here I am preaching to the choir on FB I can extend a hand to those who have NEVER heard about the FairTax before.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you too!!!


How do you define "more active supporters" as opposed to "strong supporters"? Does the latter mean not getting involved unlike those at FTN who attend Fair Tax related events, give speeches,contact their Congress critters etc...? If the latter is nothing more than  merely stating they are in agreement with The Fair Tax then just how much of a supporter are they?

I have given speeches, contacted my U.S. Rep and Senators, called local radio shows etc... I have also handed out fliers to hundreds of businesses, individuals in my locale and at Tea Party rallies. An overwhelming majority claim to like The Fair Tax but none have ever contacted me to get involved even though my contact information is on the flier. That is not support. It's merely lip service. If that is the type at Facebook then they are not supporters.


You are not a "FairTax Supporter", "Strong Supporter" nor "more active Supporter".  You are a "FairTax ADVOCATE" 


As with many organizations with large memberships, it is only a few are the real movers and shakers. They are the backbone of the organization.


To put it another way, the top 2% of the wage earners pay the majority of the income taxes in America.  The vast majority of people that are part of America pay very little income taxes but want to be part of America. 


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