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Dan, Im reading a degree of frustration in what you are saying. Believe me I often feel it too. I preech the FairTax to everyone I know. I live in California, and the apathy here is unbelievable. I'm told by others That they don't need to do anything because I'm doing enough for them too. Then there is the statement that "I don't vote in the primary elections because there isn't a choice yet". Look what that got us in the last Presidential race. But I don't give up, and as long as we don't there is hope. I look at the facebook posts as an opportunity to gain a few new members who will contribute to the overall goal. That is why I think we should all post on there and try to get people to look at FTN.

Great Question Dan....

Not sure that I have a "definate" definition of "more active supporter".  I am like you...but many are not, but if they are willing to listen maybe we can teach them how to do some of the things we are doing.

I know many people who aren't on here, but are active, while some who are on here aren't active. I think that by signing up here or "liking" on FaceBook will eventually show those in DC as well as the American Citizen skeptics that there are a whole lot of people who KNOW about the FairTax and support it!

Don't get me wrong I ABSOLUTELY love FairTaxNation...but I have found that although I have 300 in our group from WA state...the back and forth is minimal. FTN was around before FaceBook...I was also on MySpace, I am also on Cafemom and a few more networking websites, the more we are everywhere & the more FairTax is posted the more it might start clicking!


I don't add my thoughts on FTN often, but I do check in for information.

Facebook is a great place for educating the masses that there is a thing called the FairTax...most don't even know what it is. The network of "friends" throws the FairTax in hundreds of thousands of faces everyday. I try to use it as a commercial rather than a workshop. A few of us advocates do gather on closed pages, like FairTax 2012, to chat and educate ourselves on fine aspects of the bill...it helps.

As a CC, I do what I can... I hold "townhalls" in a local libary, I set-up tables and booths at tea party events and local fairs on my dime, I speak to any group that'll have me. I donate money when I can.

I believe in the FairTax.

What I, and all of us in the trenches, really need to know is...is there a National plan? National / Regional advertizing effort coming online? Something that'll grab the casual supporter and bring them to FT events.

Me and the hand full of advocates in my District are chomping at the bit to do bigger and better things.

We do need ACTIVE leadership at the National level...not just have a cool website and sell overpriced gear.

Push coordinated messages, events, plans. Use everything, including Facebook and all the social networks to educate, advocate and invigorate.

John Neitz

CC, Apache, OK

OK...already received heat for posting something similar on Facebook.

No, I didn't know there was a whopping four people "running" the HQ.


Sucks to be me.

> Every day I've been posting on the Facebook page, a message telling those who like the FairTax to join FairTaxNation. If just one person joins FTN and becomes an active supporter, it will be worth it. I think if more FTN members would post on there, we could possibly gain more attention for FTN.

I just shared the join link on the Facebook fan page as a status update.  For those who think that the fan page should be "shutdown" have absolutely no idea how many people are introduced to the FairTax each and every single day via Facebook.   Not to mention the opportunities that are out there for potentially reaching MILLIONS more.   

To say that we should "shutdown" the Facebook page and just tell people to come over here is the equivalent of setting up a FairTax townhall building and hoping that enough people will happen to see it, be curious enough to wander over to the building to see what it is and then suddenly sign-up as supporters.


We have to go to where the people are to make them aware of the FairTax.   

I'v noticed a jump in new members. Not sure if it's because of the Facebook page, but something is getting us some attention. Everyone should go over there and recruit. A few of those who join us here will be big supporters. They had a FairTaxNation post a few days ago that may have helped.
It would be soooooo awesome to see 100,000 FairTax Fans on the FB fan page!!!

Update their is almost 80,000 people that like the facebook FairTax group.


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