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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Many of the attacks on Romney by the DNC (and some of his Republican opponents) are centered on the 15% capital gains tax rate that he has been paying. What a crime - all those poor working people who must earn salaries. They are paying a higher rate than Romney!

It is not Romney's fault that the capital gains rate is different than the middle class income rate.

The reality is that the tax rates are so illogical that it would be impossible to adjust them in a way that everyone can see everyone else as paying a fair share. If Romney tries to create a fair tiered system, he will fail. That's why this is a golden opportunity for him to propose a bold, new, innovative tax plan, with a ton of co-sponsors already built in, lot's of good debate materials, and the type of fairness that no one can seriously challenge.

In the past, Romney has been uncomplimentary about Fair Tax.  He is shooting himself in the foot and overlooking this opportunity, not only for Fair Tax, but also for his campaign. 

If anyone out there gets to see Romney at one of his campaign stops, would you be able to throw in a few good words for Fair Tax?

This could be his key to win the next debate and, eventually, the nomination that he says that he wants. 

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I will be happy to tell Romney to support the FairTax if I have the opportunity - again.

I told him that over four years ago at the Varsity Restaurant in Atlanta.

His quick reply, "It's not practical".


Romney has opposed the FairTax since his FIRST run...moving on! Gingrich & maybe Santorum are a bit more willing to give an EAR to We the People! Paul GETS the 0% tax, but isn't a FairTax supporter either. If only Herman Cain would NOT have let his handlers UNHANDLE is conviction of the FairTax and thereby side-stepping to the 999.

Truly it makes us want do scream does it not?


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