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Today the Democratic Party is running a commerical against The Republican Jim Renacci who is trying to beat out John Bocerri for the 16th congressional seat. The add is stating that Jim wants to raise taxes 23% but of course does not explain to the people that they will be bring home their full paycheck and be recieving a prebate. It feels like all the effort I put into this district in the last 4 years is going south. errrrrrrrr   I need help in the 16th district Ohio to prevent the people from being miss leading. Can someone from the Fairtax help us out???

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Jim, it is unusual for these ads to be run this early in the campaign. The best response is for Renacci to stand up to the attacks and point out the deceptiveness of the ads. As the correct information about the FairTax comes out, people will realize that his opponent is lying everytime the ads are run. I will attempt to contact the campaign to explain the plan that we are working on. If you have contact information, let me know.
I agree with Jim! Why can't he counter with an ad briefly explaining the Fair Tax law and direct people to the website to learn more? Hopefully people will see how brilliant it is!
I spoke with Renacci's staff yesterday (8-12) about our suggestions and the political director agreed. They are implementing the plan and will run links to our video as soon as it is posted.
> FairTax has a huge following in Ohio. Perhaps we could get a large FairTax crowd to show up at his appearances. The Democrats are fighting the wrong battle and they should see that.
You do not need a large crowd, just a few FairTaxers at an appearance can ask Jim some softball questions about the FairTax. This will give him a chance to tell the truth. One question could be, your opponent says you want to tax everything 23%, why would you even consider that?
You should call AFFT and see if they have the funds to run there TV ads as they are doing in GA and other states. John does have to directly counter these ads and explain the FairTax what it does for all americanz, how it is implemented. Get all your FairTax groups writing to the editorial pages..COlumbus Dispatch as wells as every local and neighborhood paper. GO after them full force!
Thanks for the response! I was so furious over these adds I stopped buy the campaign head quarters and volunteer to work their booth on a 7 day event to help in answering questions on the Fair Tax! They agreed and welcome me. I'm also going to work 2 other counties with the campaign. So hopefully all goes well. I called Fair tax .org and they were very surprise to see this add run. They even pulled the add up themselves and watched it. I hope they consider helping in getting the truth out.
Pull this off of Face Book Today !! this involved the 16th district in Ohio even Glenn Beck got wind of it.

Glenn Beck reported on AFSCME's ridiculous ad bashing Jim Renacci. The lie proposed in the ad is not bad enough...the sickest part is that they spent $750,000 of YOUR tax money on it. Did you get your money's worth? Keep up the good fight Jim, we need you up on the hill to start straightening things out!


Glenn beck talks about smear ad paid for by AFSCME agains Jim Renacci in his run for Ohio's 16th Congressional District. This is the most expensive ad nationally so fat in the 2010 election - $750,000! The sickest part of all is that this money was raised with you tax dollars!
> This is bigger than it sounds! Go on youtube and enter Glenn Beck AFSCME to listen. Glenn is defending the FairTax against the accusations in the ad. Maybe we could a spokesperson on his show as this heats up.
I'm not sure who's smearing the FT but if it's public employee unions, the question to them is name anything that will refill their pension coffers better than the FT. Challenge them to name anything.... After all, their pensions are completely dependent on the performance of the stock market.

Great News today! Thanks to Ken Hoagland Chairman he wrote an article in todays Cantonrep newspaper on page A-7 Under Your Views...... It was such a great Add I wish it was on the front page. Also Ken Hoagland went the extra mile and gave a 45 min explanation on The Fair Tax on WHBC AM Radio today. All I can say is Thanks To Ken Hoagland and Fairtax.org for stepping up to the plate. The fight is still on for All Americans across the country and through faith we can bring this country back to our founding principles....
The fight is just beginning here in the 16th district Canton, Ohio
Here is a link to the opinion for those who want to make comments.

This is his letter:

As the nation faces crippling unemployment and the absence of business investment that could lead to jobs, our national leaders seem to be at a loss for how to reverse this slide to second-rate status.

That’s why it is especially vexing to hear of political advertising by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which has supported Congressman John Boccieri, that distorts the FairTax (“Renacci claiming defamation by union,” Aug. 19).

More than 80 respected economists developed this national tax system to replace an income tax system that most believe hurts our economy.

In a “lie by omission,” these ads state that the FairTax will raise everyone’s taxes 23 percent.

Yes, the FairTax rate is 23 percent on consumption, but it replaces all federal taxes on income and earnings, including Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes, so we can take home all of our paycheck.

This alone will get our economy moving.

It also eliminates federal taxes on the poor with a monthly “prebate” that also provides a middle-class family of four with $29,140 of federal tax-free spending a year.

The experts, including a Noble Prize-winning economist, say the FairTax can save the nation.

Some predict that when we lift federal taxation from manufacturing, labor and investment, our economy will boom.

They predict as much as an immediate $15 trillion infusion of offshore investment into the American economy as we become the most favorable tax environment in the world. That means jobs.

The FairTax raises every penny now raised under our broken, corrupted income tax system.

You wouldn’t know it listening to these cynical ads.

Mr. Boccieri appears to be a nice young man. It makes it twice the shame that misleading ads are being used to scare voters, win a few votes and protect the corruption in our tax system that allows insiders to profit handsomely while the economy suffers.



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