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Today the Democratic Party is running a commerical against The Republican Jim Renacci who is trying to beat out John Bocerri for the 16th congressional seat. The add is stating that Jim wants to raise taxes 23% but of course does not explain to the people that they will be bring home their full paycheck and be recieving a prebate. It feels like all the effort I put into this district in the last 4 years is going south. errrrrrrrr   I need help in the 16th district Ohio to prevent the people from being miss leading. Can someone from the Fairtax help us out???

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Thanks Chief! It would helped if I posted the link :)
Jim... do you think Jim Renacci will ever run a commercial for the Fairtax? I'm in Ashtabula County and I see the 23% tax commercial all the time. A Fairtax commercial needs to run so it would cover the whole viewing area.
Scott, That would be a great proposal for Fairtax.org to do! However, I know that Fairtax.org would be running commericial 7/24 if they had the funding. It would require alot of outside donations and money from the private sector to do. It would be nice to see some of the wealthy step up to the plate and get on board and make the donation. If they (fairtax.org) do have the funding, now would be the time to start running the commercial and I believe something is in the works for it.
I believe we are just in the beginning of the fight for passage with all of this publicity..... and it hasn't even hit the floor of the house.
I keep thinking if the people would just do their own homework and study the Fair Tax they would want it and will realize how their own party and Union is preventing them from something that their future generation would benifit so much from.
Jim and Scott, We are frantically working on a response to this. We have a response package that will be going to the campaigns with a strategy to combat this. I taped a response video with Herman Cain this morning and the production should be complete tomorrow or Thursday. The video lasts about 4 minutes and will be posted on YouTube. We need all of our people to post their feelings with a link to the video on their email and social networking sites. The response package will recommend how the campaign would make the best use of this. I have been directly in touch with the campaign and they are waiting on our information. Stay involved.
I would like to suggest a much simpler solution - and one that would take a lot less money. Just call the attack ad for what it is - a lie. Replay the attack ad and at the end overlay it with that "no entry" symbol with the word "Not". The people will soon get the idea.
The campaign has the response information and I am still in touch with them. Here is the link to the Herman Cain video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfEjcnS-244 . Check it out then post your concerns along with this video on Facebook, Twitter and any network that you may be working with. Encourage your followers to repost the video. Use any means that you can think of to educate the people about the truth.
Hank, I agree with your logic and concern. In the early years, I'm sure that you remember the information that was put out stated that you would keep your whole paycheck and prices would stay the same when the embedded costs were removed. You and I know that that cannot happen. Jorgenson stood by the embeded cost figures which were, depending on the items, were between 18 and 30% with the average of 22%. These numbers included the employee's tax obligation so if they kept their entire paycheck the prices could not drop by that amount as you have stated.

This came to light about 6 years ago and grassroots made a concerted effort to get the big mouthpieces to change the message but that has been a slow process and still has not been corrected as clearly as I would have liked. I have spoken to many groups and have attempted to clear up this mispreception, there has not been a lot of blowback on this issue. The FairTax has so many more important features that people generally don't mind.

On the other hand, to say that there would be an 18% increase with the FairTax included is not entirely correct because there are so many factors involved. The fact is that I don't know what the increase will be. We contacted the economists when this came to light and asked specifically what the increase would be. The response was that we don't know because of all of the variables involved. Conservatively, they were confortable that the initial drop would be between 8 and 12%. That coincides with your numbers. Moving forward when the efficiencies were being factored in, the prices would continue to drop and a few years down the road as the economic factors were in place, it would continue to drop toward the full amount.

So many factors are involved, for instance, was the item an 18% or 30% imbeded tax cost. Was the product manufactored domestically or overseas or in what combination. The current system builds a tax bias against the domestically produced items and this is how the FairTax levels the playing field. The free market will find the natural pricing level. I am not an economist but I am comfortable and believe that the increase will be on the order of 10 to 12% over the preFairTax cost within a few months based on my own studies by factoring in the cost of the present system.

To just say that there will be a flat 18% increase is not entirely accurate. To Herman's credit, he didn't say that the prices would stay the same although you may disagree with his choice of adjective.
> Hank, I agree with your hard math. But there is another factor that needs to be looked at. The effects of taxes on economies. Any tax distorts an economy, the income tax like a value added tax is particularly bad as it's effects begin early on in the economic stream. Their effects may not cascade down in dollar amount but in the effect of the distortion that they create.
In a healthy economy prices drop. This is the natural consequence of efficiency and scale. This is the reason that throughout the 19th century prices dropped on goods. This is the dredded deflation that bankers do not want to see. Think of it as the real effect, that of real wages rising. This is the result of the purchasing power of a unit of money increasing, buying more goods and services. This can only occur without the money supply rising faster than the true rate of economic growth.
Under the FairTax there will be greater transparency to taxation and hopefully our people will begin to understand who is really running our government. The banks want to control the value of our currency, to make it's value flexable to fit their needs for profits. This is what caused the great mess we are in economically and there is only one way to fix the problem. We need to take back the power that Congress has siezed from the people.

What do you think of this edited attack ad? Independent candidate Donn Janes TN-08 worked all day on this to help Danny Higgins in IL. There is a candidate being attacked there as well.

He put his disclaimer on the end as a CYA.
> I guess we are going to have to set up a support system for any candidate who even has a kind word for the Fairtax. We can't just leave them out there like a deer in the headlights. Maybe we should start a group of FairTax campaign liaisons who could accompany these candidates to provide rebuttals when needed.
Cary, please see my new discussion and see if you can help us get this organized.
> Jim, Let me know what you think I can do. Donn Janes has thrown out the gauntlet so to speak. We need to back him up all we can. I don't have the money that I had a year or so ago but I still try to support our cause as best I can. I'm willing to spend a few minutes on the Internet every day to forward our cause. I have some ideas that I think we should follow up on. Some of them have been brought up to .org. My phone number is 818-618-8105 but my speaker is burned out so I have to connect earphones to hear anyone . Just an inconvenience. I will spend as much time as I can afford for our cause. Let me know if you think I can help with anything, Cary


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