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Today the Democratic Party is running a commerical against The Republican Jim Renacci who is trying to beat out John Bocerri for the 16th congressional seat. The add is stating that Jim wants to raise taxes 23% but of course does not explain to the people that they will be bring home their full paycheck and be recieving a prebate. It feels like all the effort I put into this district in the last 4 years is going south. errrrrrrrr   I need help in the 16th district Ohio to prevent the people from being miss leading. Can someone from the Fairtax help us out???

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> It's a great response, how can we get it showing. Does .org have any plans? I sometimes wonder if they are serious about getting this bill passed. All the hoopla about the online march, etc.and no follow up. They may suffer from a creativity vacuum down there. I would think that there would have been another event launched right away to focus peoples attention on growth.

I wish I lived in the 16th district so I could vote for Jim Renacci. The Fairtax in the 14th is non existent.
Scott, I was at the Debate last week between Jim Renacci and Congressman John Bocerri and the question was ask if Jim would support a 23% sales tax. He said that he said, he likes the Idea of the Fair Tax but stated he cannot understand how it would be IMPLEMENTED!! I thought to myself..... hmmmmmm that would be pretty easy. With about 44 to 46 states already have a sales tax in place... How is this so hard to implement! This election is burning me out trying to explain this....

Just think in about a week all this will be over with. I see commercials all the time of Jim Renacci supporting a "23%" tax. I know Jim Renacci will win and there will be another supporter for the Fairtax. I read on the HuckPac website that Gov. Huckabee might be thinking of a run for President in 2012. Wouldn't that be sweet! Talk to you later.
Scott, I just wish I had more time to devote to educating the people on the fair tax. I believe if the momentum continues after this election we can get more people educated and on board with the fair tax. Just think, in almost 4 years since I been involved in educating just the people in my district the popularity of the fair tax has increase! We have to stay focus. I believe after this election we will have more Co-sponsors then ever before! We will also have more congressman who do support the Fair Tax that wont sponsor the bill until it hits the house floor. The beauty of it is, we have congressman like Mike Pence out of Indiana and 65 other Co-sponsors, they will help in educating the new congressman and congresswoman being elected this term. The popularity of The Fair Tax in Ohio was Dead in the waters 5 years ago. Now it's getting attention and the support base is rapidly growing. This is just proof that the power for change is in the grassroots starting from the bottom up!!
To my friend Jim Kenney...


The Fairtax got hammered in the 16 District Ohio but look who won.


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