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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

FairTaxNation Storms the HILL on April 15, 2010... R U with me (us)?!!! LET THE PLANNING BEGIN!!!

Way to go all you who were there on 9/11!!! We know it had an impact because we got another cosponsor! Let's do it again only this time lets DOUBLE our FTN Stormin' the hill numbers!!!

I'll need lots of input from all you who were there so it will be bigger and better! Lets hear from you! The do's and don'ts, the hotels & etc.

The FairTax Legislation needs to be a HUGE topic of FREEDOM, Small Government and Power to the People!! Imagine a USA pre-1913 when the 16th Amendment got forced upon us.

Looking forward to hearing and planning and MEETING you in DC storming the Hill!!!

Goooooooooo FairTax, YES IN OUR LIFETIME!! "2013" would be good!
WE KNOW they can pass a bill in less than a month!!!

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Maybe AFFT will join in the fun this time.

We have plenty of time to do this right.

Things we need to look at: (Just for starters.)

1.) What is the purpose of this DC surge?
2.) What size crowd do we intend to have?
3.) Will we be organized in far away states to rally at state capitals?
4.) How will we count heads?
You send out a request for state fairtax RALLY organizers, you have one per state. You hold a rally at the state capitols of FairTax supporters handing out literature, ralliing, getting sign ups, and you do all this yesterday. If we wait two weeks before we will have 400 people spread across 50 states.

When someone says they are an organizer, set up an event in that state and drive the masses to sign up on these event pages, that way you can gage the interest. Then you put the info. out on all the tea party sites and so on twitter, facebook etc. etc.
Who is the latest Cosponsor? I haven't see it published anywhere? I would love to go back to D.C. for a rally in 2010 but currently the momentum is on the side of the tea partiers. They are planning tea parties at their states capitols on Sat. April 10th. The tea partiers are on the conservative side of the room. We need more democrats to join our FairTax efforts. So you see we dedicated FairTaxers have a dilema. Do we focus on moving with the tea partiers? Or do we focus on getting our democrat friends to join us? or both. I would love to hear the answer.

In Alabama we have a new FairTax Campaign Pledge for challengers to cosponsor if elected, support and promote it. NO MORE LIP service to stir some interest.

Whatever we've been doing in the past hasn't worked. We also have never been in the situation of power that we find our selves in now in this country.

What do we do? Huddle, punt, forfeit and fight?
We have got to pursue both the TEA party individuals and the democrats/republicans as well.

IF we sit this TEA Party wave out there will be something else to come along and put us on the back burner again.

We did very well managing this on 9/11/09, did we not? We even had Republicans agreeing and CHEERING for Jessica.

Are the TEA Party folks doing there events the weekend before 4/15/10? If so, that could work in our favor for the 15Th.

This is where AFFT should be helping us. We could start a Nation wide campaign to bring awareness to the efforts.
Why wait? Get your graphics person to come up with another one like the STORM THE HILL for April 10 in all states?

BTW, my FTN is still not allowing me to send any other complaints about the SEND button on sending emails?
We have to nail down the text for the April 10 thing and also he April 15 thing we are doing in DC.

What do you think we should have on there?

BTW, I'm not sure why you are having that specific problem. I was having a simular problem. I cleared my 'cookies" and it started working again.

Have you tried that?
Cookies, i don't eat cookies......seriously...will try that.
According to the the congressional scorecard at FairTax.org, Jo Bonner (R - AL,1) became a cosponsor on 9/09.

Many of the tea partiers are also Democrats, but conservative Democrats. I think we simply must have the support of Democrats, all Democrats, to move forward.

I would like to suggest that whatever we've been doing in the past has worked up to this point; however, I think it is time for a new tactic and new strategies.

We fight! And, "...We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender. " - Winston Churchill
First, if you've not read Charlie Prochaska's blog post, I highly recommend that you do so before continuing.

To address one of Jim's questions "What is the purpose of this DC surge?" - my answer is simply "boots on the ground". If you understand and comprehend Charlie's message and agree with our purpose for the "Storm the Hill" event on 9/11 - then the reason for the 4/15/10 event should be quite clear. Sorry, but "Storm the Hill" means exactly that to me - we need to flood the halls of Congress with FairTax supporters. We made a good start on 9/11 - now we need to increase the numbers ten fold.

What size crowd do we intend to have? - In my humble opinion, I think we need to match (if not surpass) the size of the crowd for the 9/12 event (I think anything less than that would be portrayed as a failing or waning movement by the MSM). Can we do this on our own? Not very likely. I had the pleasure of talking with a gentleman who is a Tea Party'er as our gathering at the IRS building came to an end. His message is simple... a large part of the Tea Party movement also supports the FairTax and he indicated that we needed to join forces. I have to agree. I believe the only way we can pull this off is to join forces with the Tea Party and 9/12 folks - and that means we might find ourselves walking arm in arm with those who do not whole heartily support the FairTax, and I have to ask "so what?". I don't have a problem with this so long as the FTN banner leads the "parade".

Forget the state capitals. Might it not be better for those who cannot make it to DC for the rally to instead show up at the local office of their representative or senator? Now, I know the representative/senators will most likely not be in their local office on 4/15/10 but their staff will. We can take the battle to state capitols after Congress passes HR25.

Finally, I don't think we will be able to "count heads" if the crowd is anywhere near the number we can possibly hope to attract (I'm thinking in terms of millions here).

Needless to say, we have a huge task in front of us. It will take a lot of $,s and a lot of time in terms of volunteer hours.

Then there is the question of funding as well. I think I am pretty safe in saying that we will not be able to do all of this with the $41 we have in contributions so far.

I have to agree with Jamie - the time to start planning is now!

I'll offer more of my thought later - but this should be a good start.
Start IRS building like FTN just did: Here we can divide up and know who is going to what office building as discussed on here before going. Maybe we should have sign-ups here on FTN & a volunteer to lead each group to each section. How'd it go on 9/11? Was it orderly, what needed to be changed to make it better, kept the same, changed entirely. (Just throwing out ideas here). We should have a link on here of an actual map of the building and the floors and offices. THEN:
WALK to the capital building! SIGNS: FairTax (duh) LOL... POWER TO THE PEOPLE = FAIRTAX HONK for the FAIRTAX Freedom = FAIRTAX Nobody files EVERYONE PAYS FAIRTAx OUT w/67,000 pages of Tax Code April 15th just another Spring Day We want a FairTax Nation FairTax USA!!! FAIRTAX = Mainstreet Stimulus FairTax good for EVERY AMERICAN HELLO FAIRTAX GOOD-BYE IRS!
www.fairtaxnation.com (share your sign ideas) IN the STATES: Get a list of ALL the Senator & Representatives local offices and then get a volunteer to oversee each one and make sure they have 10+ FairTax supporters at EACH one at a specific time & asking those in the office the same thing we'll be askingn in DC. We should set the same time for the entire nation to be at the offices in the states. What would be a good time? 10am-10:30am? They too should have signs, FairTaxNation Online-Petition forms & ____ FTN business cards!! First 250 are free on
www.vistaprint.com .

ASKING: "Does so and so PLEGDE to cosponsor the FairTax legislation and how does he/she intend to educate/promote/get others to cospsonsor this legislation so it will get passed?" We need to make sure we have the list of all the cosponsors as well as the challenger's names and if they took the pledge. We need to have someone on here share how to go about putting out Press Releases/how to contact the media. 100% agree to "skip" the state capitals... $$...well I'll be providing my own transportation and hotel. As far as being bigger than the 9/12...we are NOT 9/12-TeaPartier groups...we are the FAIRTAXnation group....so to think we need to have as many as they did is not very accruate especially since we do not have the backing of Dick Army & his not for profit NOR do we have the Meida like Glenn Beck (TV 2 times a night on FOX and how many hours on the radio?!!). Although maybe we need to get in touch with NEAL BOORTZ & MIKE HUCKABEE ASAP!!!! I absolutely 100% think we need to join forces, but from where I am I have found this to be said easier than done. Got told point blank at a 9/12 meeting that "we shouldn't support a specific piece of legislation because I support the Flat Tax." I think we need to have links of hotels/motels/FAIRTAXnation foot pararde route... Things people need to have with them and things NOT to have. STORM the HILL 1st and then FAIRTAX storms the corners to get on-line petitions filled out! I'll be there in my ball and chain!!! What was the head count for FairTax 9/11? I say TRIPLE..would be an excellent goal! Remember, the TeaParties are already planning their "tea party" happenings and may or may not want to or be able to join us. We need to let them know NOW that this event is going to happen. I know I'll be there. That's "1"... BOOTS on the GROUND!! FAIRTAXNation supporters STORM THE HILL or FairTax supporters STORM the HILL "We want a FairTaxNation" Well there is my 2 cents for now!! Hope to see you in DC!!!
Dick Armey is a flat taxer. Glenn Beck was a Huckabee supporter and a FairTaxer and then voted for Mitt Romney and now Glenn is a flat taxer and has Dick Armey's Freedom Works all over the Tea Parties as THE financial backer of the 912 event. How do you get passed all that? Rush voted Mitt, Sean voted Mitt and our own Cain voted Mitt. How do you get passed that? If we triple our numbers at the IRS we are looking at 1,200 is that the goal? April 10, 2010 is on Saturday April 15, 2010 is on Thursday Do we need hundreds of thousands of signatures to get the FairTax passed or do we focus on a certain few representatives that are on certain committees as prescribed below on the FairTax.org website, FairTax talking points, page 3?

I understand the the audit the fed bill 1207? has 250 cosponsors and it's still there. What does it take to really and truly get the FairTax bill passed cosponsors or a committees that bring it out? So far, getting cosponsors hasn't worked.
> My understanding of it is this; With 250 co-sponsors the bill has enough support that those co-sponsors could force a floor vote. However it is doubtful that the Democratic co-sponsors would go along because they would be punished by Nancy Pelosi for doing it.
Barney Frank has hinted that the "leadership" would back a watered down version of the bill, but I don't believe that even that has much of a chance. Congress knows full well that the FED's actions are the cause of all this nations economic woes, but as with the case of anything important does nothing about it. They are in these peoples pockets and will protect them at any cost to taxpayers.
There are two things that we as FairTaxers should do.
1) Establish a high level contact with Ron Paul To lend pressure for passage of his bill. In return we could ask for FairTax support (more co-sponsors).
2) We need to establish dialog with Steve Forbes. His support of the flat tax is hurting our efforts. He admits liking the FairTax idea but doesn't think it could be done without first getting rid of the 16th Amendment.


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