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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25


Freedom Works is a Flat Tax pushing group and they are losing to The fair Tax in their own poll - make sure they get the message. I think we all know that a flat tax may be simple but it still punishes productivity and does nothing to untax the poor. Fair Tax - the most researched tax policy bar none!




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Once again it won't let me vote, even though I'm a member of Freedomworks.

It wouldn't let me vote, either.

It is a bogus poll, as it is so skewed toward the intrusive flat tax.


I was able to vote earlier this morning and leave a comment without being a member.

Hi, I don't mean to sound condescending but, did you hit the radio button next to Fair Tax? I just voted and it worked fine. It took a minute to figure out how to "choose" the Fair Tax though, that's why I ask. Maybe it was just me :)



I used an old inactive email address and it finally accepted my vote.

I did have six unsuccessful attempts and double checked my input.

It makes me wonder if any "flat taxers" had a problem.

On page 63 of his book, The Flat Tax Revolution, Steve Forbes writes, “Under the Flat Tax, 65 million returns – or 42% of all returns – would owe no tax.” Is this really what we want – 42% of the Americans with no skin in the game living off the other 58% who do? Under the FairTax every American would have skin in the game, since the FairTax is strictly a consumption tax.

It is absolutely shocking that there are people who have researched both the flat tax AND the fairtax, and for some unknown reason go with the flat tax.  This makes me very nervous, and causes me to wonder what ulterior motives they have.

Nothing shocking about it at all. Those who support the falt tax are either Republican leadership controlled, tax preparers, or totally ignorant about the FairTax. They have bee bombarded by flat tax supporters and won't pick up a book or article and read the facts. The Mainstream media helps hide knowledge so there is little exposure to the FairTax,. That is why we exist, to educate wherever we can.

I voted just fine. Perhaps they were having a glitch? My dh voted too with no problem.


Right now the preference is for the Fair Tax: 55% to 45%. Get on there and vote if you can folks. I watched a video of a Tea Conference where they took a vote at the end on some issues and Fair Tax/Flat tax was one of the issues. The Fair Tax won that one as well, but instead of seeming content with that outcome, the MC stated that it was not a 'plurality,' so they would have to continue to discuss the issue and get feedback from supporters...blahblahblah. It's obvious to me that Freedom Works 'prefers' the flat tax. Dick might be playing the role of 'anti-establishment' guy right now, but he's old school establishment and no doubt feels the gov't ought not give up ALL of that power. Who knows what you can do with it if weilded in the manner YOU like...just sayin.



Unable to vote. What is wrong with this thing? 
FairTax was winning by 60 + %. I think they are skewing the poll results. I've read the posts and FairTax gets the most positive comments.


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