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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

> I just looked at the survey at www.scrapthecode.org . FairTax is still winning however the Flat Tax is has pulled up from behind. It's interesting that the FairTax hasn't moved up at all in months. Let's boost our score!

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I tried but it would not accept a vote for the FairTax. It also provides three "quick facts" on the Flat Tax and nothing on the FairTax.

Are others having a problem voting for FairTax?
It won't let me vote. I keep getting the message "Couldn't execute scrap_vote insert query."

I just went to the scrap the code website, and it seemed to accept my vote for the FairTax. You may want to try again.
The survey has been pulled.
> I just checked, and it's still there. It may not be accepting any more votes. The numbers seem to be more like they were earlier though.


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