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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Only about 25% of church members turn out to vote. I want "Get Off Your Pew and VOTE!" to go viral and become a common phrase across America. Can you all help me do this and what do you think about it. I think its simple, catchy, and easy? Any Ideas? Is it idiotic? good? Paul, A Fellow Patriot

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No, its not idiotic. I'm not a church goer so I can't help much with it.

You should make up some bumperstickers. ;o)
Thanks Jim,
I'm hoping to do bumper stickers, buttons, t-shirts; anything it takes to get that message out. I want this to go viral across the nation. So far they seem to be open to fair tax and conservative views and founding fathers etc. Much more than our progressive friends. So the majority of them may be more inclined to support our view. Paul, A Fellow Patriot.

I would just like to add my agreement to what Jim said - No, it is not idiotic! Like Jim, I'm not a church goer (but I have my spiritual beliefs). Keep on going with your idea, I'm sure you'll find someone that can help.

By the way, please don't stop signing your messages as "A Fellow Patriot". Somehow, I find a certain amount of comfort in your reminding us all here at FTN that this is what we are.
Thank you for the kind words Sean,
And you all are most definitely Patriots.
Paul, A Fellow Patriot..:)
25%?!?!?!?!? WOW!!

No this is far from idiotic.....this is concerning!!
They take time on Sunday to attend church......take an hour once every few years to vote should be nothing!!
They must see where this country is going more than anyone.......its vital they vote!!
Thanks Tony,
Let's see if we can get them to vote. We could get our country back sooner than we think. Ohh, and please read this letter below from Eagle Six on smart girls and guys. It will inspire all of us to do more. I will let his letter speak for itself. He is allowing me to share it with the world, so pass it on. Paul, A Fellow Patriot

An inspiring letter from a new member and Fellow Patriot at smartgirpolitics.com, Eagle Six

Thank You for the kind words. It's my belief, everyone plays a part in defending our great country. I was 11B40 in the US Army, that MOS is Infantry. Whether it is considered good or bad luck, that is where I spent my service time, in the Infantry, most of it in combat. But, me and others like me, could not have done our jobs without others like you, doing your job. In the military alone, mostly you hear about the special units, Delta, Rangers, Special Forces, Scout-Snipers, Airborne. The truth is we are a small percentage, compared to the support team of drivers, cooks, weather forecasters, administrators, secretaries, and on and on I could go. And, then there are all the citizen civilians who contribute and support our military, without which, we could not have accomplished our mission, and quite frankly, if people weren't back home living free and carrying on the American Life, I wouldn't have wanted to fight.......without those back home, there would be little to fight for - - - - In my eye, everyone, military or not, has a part of America and a job to do........just more likely they make a movie about a combat soldier, than a short-order cook in Detroit. The fact is that short-order cook, feeds the workers, that crank out the cars, whose sales feed the economy, which provides funding for the military, and some of that money kept me in ammo! And, the short-order cooks, to me are the hero's, those who are forgotten.....I've gone three days without a meal, you can bet I didn't forget them, a short-order cook is my hero......

Thanks Again, Paul....Keep Your Powder Dry and Watch Your Six.

Best Regards......Eagle Six
HI Tony,
My dad was a preacher when I was young and then we attended a lot of different churches because we moved around so much. I think with a lot of church members, they believe that God has a plan and he sets up kings and takes them down etc. So some believe that his will will be done no matter what and therefore they don't look at it as a duty to vote because "it is in God's hands". I don't believe most of them think that, but enough of them do that they sit out the voting process and put their faith in the Good Lord and don't realize that they need to Get Off Their Pew and VOTE! My goal is to change that attitude and realize they need to help get their country back and take a proactive stance is keeping the right to practice their religion of their choice. "They will not remember the words of their enemies, but the silence of their friends" ; Martin Luther King Jr.
Thanks again Tony. Paul, A Fellow Patriot
I almost always vote, especially when Senate or Congress is up for election.
I almost always vote, especially when Senate or Congress is up for election.


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