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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning, read my email annd
out Glenn Beck talked about the Fairtax.  So I watched his Friday night
program that I recorded and it was my question he was answering!  At
least we now know that he has been grossly misinformed about the Fairtax
so lets get busy educating him on the truth of the Fairtax!

"On the Glenn Beck program this afternoon, Glenn responded to viewer
questions. When asked about whether he supports FairTax, Beck responded
that FairTax would assess different tax rates for different product
categories. He gets this notion from the libertarian website kirlonia.com. Please
contact him at glennbeck@foxnews. com and ask him to read HR-25 and
discuss the issue with his Fox News colleague Mike Huckabee. Whenever
FairTax is distorted, we must act as the Truth Squad!"  -John

"Stella" Early
(404) 667-1404

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What the heck? Maybe we need to TEA Party Glenn Beck. Where is his office at?
I just posted a note about this on the 912 discussion forum. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that thinks his statements were really off-the-wall.
> Website is actually :www.karlonia.com. There are mwny comments there on the FairTax. Most are positive, .others want information. Go there to engage them.
Where is the article at the website?
I can't find the info either.
I watched the video of glenn and i can see his point but what makes him think they couldn't try to manipulate the flat tax either. The key to any new tax system we implement will be the awareness of the people, staying on top of what these politicians are up to! What glenn doesn't address and is the huge difference is the "flat" still taxes income! not everyone works, especially these days! and with the Fairtax everyone consumes so there is a much broader base of collection! I will be at glenn's show in phoenix on sat., hopefully i will get a chance to discuss this with him. Mark, Surprise, AZ
Thank you for your thoughts. I hope you get the chance to ask him if he is willing to have an "honest and open" debate on the Fairtax versus the Flat Tax. Another point to remember is that under the Flat tax, the politicians would be able to "adjust" the rate easier because the amount of opposition would be smaller because it only taxes legal income earners. The Fairtax rate would be much harder to change because everyone that lives in the United States would be paying it and so if politicians tried to raise it, they would have to answer to EVERY American.
Great point!!
Didnt get a chance to talk to glenn :-( But was able to hand out lots of fairtax material! :-)
I just hope that most of the people who watch and listen to Glenn Beck, check it out first. Just because he said xyz doesn't make him an expert. And I am a Glenn Beck fan. Thanks, Bye....
If you get the chance read the Fairtax book by Neal Boortz and Con. John Linder. This book really put the Fairtax into perspective for me. If you get close to Glen Beck give him a book. Someone gave a Fairtax book to Gov. Huckabee and we all know what happened to him... ON FIRE FOR THE FAIRTAX. If Glen won't take the book, it simply means he doesn't care and all his words don't mean a thing! The Fairtax is the ONLY solution.


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