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Gov. Mike Huckabee Explains the FairTax to David Asman of Fox Business Channel

Did anyone else see this? I missed it live, but found it on HuckPAC.

Gov. Huckabee explains the FairTax better and more concisely and accurately than anyone I've ever heard!

It's obvious that Mike Huckabee understands how the FairTax could and should work and that we need to eliminate the 16th Amendment at the same time that it's passed!

Watch the Fox Business video of Gov. Mike Huckabee being interviewed by David Asman of Fox Business Channel here:


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This guy does an absolutely fantastic job explaining the FairTax.

I simply don't understand why more people don't know about this with the media attention it gets such as this.

I called Sean in Houston and got an updated number of people who've signed the petition....it's not even 1 million yet.

But every time shows like this address the FairTax its good news!!
This is the youtube that should be circling the web. One comment, when asked about the tax rate changing, he did not mention the fact that in 2008 the tax code was changed over 500 times. Nobody even noticed. With Fairtax you would see any change and you would find out which representative made the change. Because Fairtax is transparent, changing the rate any way but down, would cause a revolt.

source http://www.thebullandbear.com/articles/2009/0209-bankrate.html
I just quoted you on BlueCollarRepublican.

This site has some folks who talk bad about FairTax so I hope you all will go put in a good word or two.
Anyone know if Huckabee will pursue the White House in 2012?
Don't know, but I hope he will run. If not, then let's draft him!!
Gov Huckabee knows the FairTax well and has done a great deal in spreading the word. He was my preference in the last preidential campaign. I could vote for him in 2012 as well.

This video is a great one and should be shared to as many as possible.
I must confess that Gov Huckabee was not my first choice in the last primary election for President - but he is now!

While I may not agree with all that he says, he's for the FairTax and that is good enough for me!
Romney will run and he is not a FairTax guy. I was just hoping that Huckabee runs, because he will greatly help our cause. We need to get the House of reps to get the bill rolling before a Pres will ever be able to help though.


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