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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I don't know if any of you watched the GOP debate in South Carolina last night. The Fair Tax received some significant exposure during the debate.  Cain was asked about the Fair Tax by Chris Wallace. Cain gave his wholehearted endorsement for The Fair Tax and received considerable applause for his answer.

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Watched it with great interest. While the "big dogs" weren't there, it was very interesting none the less. Better as a matter of fact because you got a better look at the "second tier" candidates. I firmly believe that Mr. Cain came out on top and will continue to do even better as the process moves on.

Too bad the other four candidates were not asked about the FairTax.


Well, Ron Paul is already opposed to the Fairtax, simply because he would rather see a tax rate closer to zero.  But as far as principled candidates, it's hard to find one more principled than Ron Paul.

Also, I really think these candidates need to find a better way to explain the Fairtax in a way that the average American will find it appealing.... Perhaps emphasizing the prebate more....

There is already support among the masses Doug. The problem lies with the politicians who don't want to lose their power and goodies from the lobbyists. Having said that, I am always willing to spread the word about the FairTax anywhere and anytime.

"masses" is a pretty strong word though.  I'll agree with you that the politicians are the main problem, but I wouldn't say that the Fairtax has that much support. 

The main reason being that people simply don't know what it is still.  If we took a random poll of voting Americans asking them what the Fairtax is, I bet most of them still would say that they've never heard of it.

I think that is where we come in.  Putting ads out on talk radio and TV that explain what the fairtax does.  Were on the right track!

Yes, masses is pretty strong. I guess in my own neck of the woods, its pretty easy to say the masses brcuse I and others in the area have worked hard to spread the word locally. But as we both agree, the "leaders" of our great nation are the problem.

We would love to put ads on t.v. and radio, but it takes alot of money for that and we seem to have a hard time getting it as times are tough for everyone (even the rich a little). We will keep working towards that end though as well.

Have a great day.

The ADVERTISING is word of mouth!  And Douglas talking about the prebate before they understand the FairTax only causes more confusion!  This is a RADICAL idea as we have been ingrained ... indoctrinated in the current system to coming up to 100 years.  It is up to US  --- WE THE PEOPLE --- to educate, promote and show support AS INDIVIDUALS.  Anyone behind the FairTax is FOR FREEDOM...FOR POWER to WE THE PEOPLE!  While Ron Paul is wanting it to be less he has chosen to NOT give this bill a voice among his followers which there in leaves the POWER IN THEIR HANDS. 

Note.... Once the FairTax is passed WE the PEOPLE can DEMAND a lower rate or vote the representative OUT. The FairTax is FAR better than our current system or the FLAT TAX! 

ONE doesn't HAVE to get a question to insert once answer... "leadership".... "In regards to the FairTax....I....."

Or at the end of one of the answers he could state "I too want the FairTax to pass"....etc.  I am VERY capable to work the FairTax into MOST of my conversations because it covers soooo many areas when dealing with power to we the people, getting rid of class warfare, being proud to succeed and so much more.  Herman Cain has passion and is not an insider!  SOoooooo refreshing!  Seriously what other candidate could say "I didn't just come off the Democratic plantation and I'm not going back?" 


Looking forward to the next debate...wait ... QUESTION & ANSWER SESSION....they are so not a debate!

Jamie, you made a good point about the ingrained (indoctrinated) ideals of people that have happened over the last hundred years and you are more right than you know. We  have grown so accustomed to the govt. supplying all our needs that we have lost the ability to be self reliant. And thats one thing we have to change if we are ever going to cut spending (the second part of how to fix our country's financial picture). I've seen it all the way from the municipal level all the way to the Feds. Passing the FairTax is no.1, but re-educating ourselves to be more self reliant should be right up there too.

Here we have a large part of the problem. People in this country are so indoctrinated as concerns the income tax that they can't even conceive of any other system. So many times when I mention the FairTax as a tax on consumption, I'm confronted with; "We have to have the income tax".

People don't realize that before the income tax the U.S. was the wealthiest nation on earth with the fastest growing economy too. They have been taught that this economic aberation is needed. We must tell them the truth!

Neal Boortz doesn't call them the "dumbmasses" for nothing! But we will carry on the fight to break the vicious cycle.


Per a sentence in the Declaration of Independence: "That mankind are more disposed to suffer, when evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed".

True, but did they ever in their wildest dreams ever think it could be this bad? 


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