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Comment by Frank Gilbert  Not very happy with the debate tonight as Herman Cain came out with a "999" tax reform plan? What the heck is that and what happened to the FairTax??? I had hopes that some other candidate would step up and mention the FairTax, but no such luck. Lets let these guys know we want the FairTax.

There are many people that are having concerns that Herman Cain is no longer supporting the FairTax.  That is the farthest thing from the Truth.


People need to read the 9-9-9 economic plan.  Here is a link to it.  http://www.hermancain.com/wp-content/themes/hc/images/economicgrowt...


The plan includes two phases.  The first phase Herman is offering to the "super committee" to implement this Fall before Thanksgiving.  The idea is to start the country's economic turnaround.  It is to lower the tax rates to a 9% business/corporate income tax rate; a 9% personal income tax rate; and a 9% national sales tax.  This will eliminate all the payroll taxes and the vast majority of tax loopholes.  Yes it is a flat income tax program.  It is a taste of what many opponents to the FairTax have been proposing on the surface.  The important thing to remember this is a temporary phase that can be put in place very quickly.


Phase two which the ground work that would be started will go into effect when Herman Cain becomes President (if adopted ahead of the elections) or shortly after phase one is put in place, is to educate the Congress and American People about HR-25 (as written).  It will take some time to do this but to get the FairTax passed into law.  There are many things that will need to be done before HR-25 goes into effect so there is a period of time that is required.  Once the Federal government passes the FT, there are 36 State Legislatures that will have to meet and modify their state income tax laws. (There no longer will be an adjusted gross income on 1040 forms!) 


The earliest that HR-25 could become effective would be January 1st, 2015.    This plan is a stepping stone to getting HR-25 as the law of the land.


Once we get all the FairTax Advocates to understand the 9-9-9 economic plan as Herman Cain has proposed it, we will be able to calm the fears of everyone else.

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 That's a refreshing way to look at The FairTax. I suggest adding how much income a household of four makes to spend $58,000. I suspect people will relate better to associating income to spending since most people focus on how much a person earns, not only what is spent.

I would like to know what source you use to cite the $58,000. I'm sure people will ask that same question. I also suggest at the 2012 FB page Cain's plan be rejected for the reasons I stated in this thread and others at this website. Cain's plan will destroy The FairTax if we do not address the problem head on.

Dan, Bill Spillane posted this to the CAFairTax Group on yahoo, so I think he dig the work. I used the FairTax calculator and kind of arbitrarily punched in some numbers for a family of 4 and got 13.2%. I'm guessing that was his starting point.

Cain is getting hit hard on this now from both sides. So maybe we can get him back under the 0-0-0-11% idea (FairTax). I read an article where Warren Buffett would pay less tax under 9-9-9 than he does now. Of course he complains that he'd rather pay more, but he still deducts for charitable giving, so what gives? If he wanted to pay more why'd he take the deduction?

I see FairTax supporters on the FairTax 2012 FB page are buying into Cain's bill of goods 9-9-9 scam. Has everyone forgotten the purpose of the FairTax movement is to support The FairTax as the only alternative tax plan? Is this the Twighlight zone? Unbelievable!
Dan, very few of us have bought into the 999 plan. I, for one, have been trying to dissuade people everywhere from allowing this sham to continue. An income tax -and- a national sales tax is a ridiculous idea; even if it is merely a short step to the FairTax. If it is allowed to happen, then stopped in the midst, it could kill America faster than what Obama is doing now.


Thank you for providing some sanity regarding this inane idea. I suggest you also contact Aaron Schutte at AFFT headquarters to voice your displeasure if you have not already done so. You can contact him at 713-963-9023 or aaron@fairtax.org. You may also want to contact your District, State and Regional Directors. Those who believe The FairTax by itself is the only effective alternative tax plan to the federal income tax.

I don't see the problem with going right to the fairtax. I do not support the 999 plan. Herman Cain should just talk about the fairtax. I saw him on meet the press this morning and he did not come off very well. He should not be the mascot for the fairtax. If president Obama is not receptive to the fairtax and a Republican candidate is then I'll definitely vote Republican in 2012. I'd also like to see an end to exclusionary zoning as long as we are speaking of being fair. I've posted 'Exclusionary Zoning Unconstitutional' at http://jamesrherman.newsvine.com to raise awareness. If a Republican would support ending exclusionary zoning and president Obama will not then I've got twice the reason to vote Republican in 2012. I have a whitehouse petition to end exclusionary zoning at http://wh.gov/gvP if anyone would like to sign it. I need 5000 signatures by Oct 23, 2011, only a week away. I've also posted 'FairTax Can Fix Economy' at http://jamesrherman.newsvine.com. I sent Cain a note and this link via his own website. My only concern is with social security being put into one big pot. My suggestion is let social security remain as is and then use 16% instead of 23% to calculate the prebate and use 19% instead of 30% for the sales tax. Otherwise social security will revert to a welfare-like means tested suplement to retirement instead of something that you can track what you paid into and can get out in proportion to what you put in. I don't want to trust the private sector for all of my retirement security. Remember the government had to bail out the private sector. Remember the great depression and let's learn from history and not repeat it.
i've thought along those same lines myself, james, although the income tax is still used to fund ss, which we want to repeal. if social security actually was a fund that people contributed to, was invested in something besides IOU's, and people could track real benefits somehow related to what they paid in, then the argument that it should continue along that way would have more weight with me. the fact is that every surplus from that program from the beginning to now has been stolen, beginning in the 60's with the first raid on it. the program is running deficits now and will never run another surplus. you can throw medicaid and medicare in with that, too. those programs are not really tied to any particular level of contribution, either. you only need to have essentially worked 10 years in this country part time to ficticiously qualify for a retirement check for life as a worker. as long as someone has been married to a worker during that period, the spouce (no limits on divorced spouces either and they don't effect each other's benefits) also gets a check for life. none of them even need to be citizens. social security and medicare funding are a joke (contributions not actually invested in anything and stolen) and the benefits people qualify for under those systems related to what they actually put in is also a joke. i'd also like to see them removed from fair tax eventually, converted to real capitalized investment plans, and maybe even with some sort of entitlement reform next year, so that the fair tax rate can be lowered by the time it is ready for a vote. medicaid and ss is over 40%, approaching 50%? of the budget right now? of course if i was emperor for a day, i could probably cut the rest of the budget in half again without most americans even noticing a difference in their day to day lives. the rate could be 10% easily if we didn't have such a delinquent class running washington, which is one of the biggest selling points of the fair tax. at least on the taxation side it takes away their power. the spending side would have to be the other battle to win the war.
from what i understand AFT spent about $20k and sent in about 100 volunteers to iowa to support cain before the iowa straw poll, and i believe AFT funds in one form or another have been spent on cain AFTER he stopped talking about the fair tax and advocating his own national sales tax ON TOP of corporate and personal income. i gave cain a few bucks when he announced, as i did huck, and almost anyone running for congress who has hinted they would support the fair tax. i can understand how AFT got duped in the beginning into supporting cain, as many of us were. to think that they continued to support him, and perhaps still do, knowing what he is pushing now, is disturbing.
Wow, This turned out to be pretty educational for me. But for me, the bottom line remains that I do not like the 9-9-9 plan. I do not understand why we can't go for the FairTax head on. I have always lead my group ith the statement that as a group we do not support specific candidates. So the support National gave to Herman Cain was a bit of a surprise. Understand though, that I am a Herman Cain/Newt Gingrich supporter currently. I for one will continue to generate support for the FairTax and will work to get elected people who support that goal. 


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