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Where does the Fair Tax organization stand on the Herman Cain 9-9-9 tax plan?

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They should love it, but they don't.


I've sent emails to FairTax leadership on this very question. Either I have received a generic response AFFT doesn't endorse candidates being a 501(C)4 or I do not receive a reply. The reply completely ignores the fact my question was directed only at his tax plan and not his candidacy on the whole.

I attended the Presidency 5 events and went to Herman Cain's "meet & greet" on Friday evening. Herman's 9-9-9 plan is just Phase 1 of the FairTax implementation with full implementation of the FairTax being phase 2.


I think if we are ever going to have hope of implementing the FairTax during our lifetime, then Herman Cain represents that hope.


You have been sold a bill of goods!  Consider The executive branch does not control the legislative branch! There is no guarantee Congress will ever enact Cain's phase two by reintroducing The FairTax Act after enacting phase one. Congress could just as easily decide to stick with Cain's phase one. In that case all the momentum to garner support for The FairTax since 1995 will have been sacrificed for nothing!

We are already at Cain's phase two with 74 cosponsors and a hearing before the House, Ways and Means committee. In order to support Cain's con job phase two will have to be scrapped to start with his phase one only to start from scratch again with his phase two at some unspecified time in the future and that already exists! That's ludicrous! It's far better to keep going with phase two now and forget phase one.

Don't be conned by Cain's chicanery!



Great Phrase!  ""We are already at Cain's phase two...".  Thanks - I will use it freely.


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