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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

That would be www.GOOOH.com

I was talking to a gentleman associated with that site named Tim Cox a little while ago. He tells me that something like 80% of the people participating in his endevour are supporters of the FairTax.

I would be interested in hearing some opinions from our members. BTW, he is also a member of FTN.

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Thanks for promoting GOOOH. I am also a firm believer in that cause. It's time to look at politics and politicians in a different way. For me, I look at it like this. For years I have been voting for Republicans thinking I was doing my part to advance the republic, but things have gotten worse. And whenever a Democrat is in charge or in control of Congress, thinks seem to wax worse even faster. I am come to the conclusion that the Democrats and the Republicans are the left and right heads of a two-headed snake dragging us straight down to the pit of endless debt, unfair laws, unfair taxation, but most of all, total and complete loss of liberty and American rights leading us into socialism and communism. In order to effect real change, we need to stop voting for career politicians that only vote for their constituents' interests. Isn't that us, you say? NO! It's big business, special interests, corporations and those that paid the bills to get them re-elected. Every 2 years all 435 US House of Representatives are up for election, yet 95% of them are re-elected. Incumbents rule the roost. Why is that since they don't work for us anymore? I have decided to back the GOOOH - Get Out Of Our House cause (www.goooh.com pronounced go) because of several important factors that address my concerns. Please go to the website and sign up. Tim explains it in a lot better detail and accuracy than me, but here are my biggest thumbs ups.

It takes the campaign financing out of the equation because the GOOOH party uses a 3rd party reputable accounting firm to handle all the money and run a national campaign. Candidates that go through the selection process in their district and that are selected to go on their district's ballot CANNOT fund their campaigns. Since GOOOH is NON-PARTISAN, they go to Washington not owing anyone anything and standing on their own personal beliefs in the platform that they ran on to get selected.

Representatives are then ACCOUNTABLE to the people of their district for the views that they stood on when they were selected. If a representative feels it is necessary to change his/her position, a referendum is required in the district to allow the representative to flip positions on a given issue. If the representative does not seek approval from the district he/she represents, they will be fined and replaced.

This whole process of selection, accountability and transparency would have made our founding fathers very proud. It is truly a FAIR system. I know that you care about real FAIRNESS because you became a member of the Fair Tax Nation. I invite you to join with me and a growing cadre of fellow patriots in participating in a truly American process for selecting representatives and taking back control of our government with GOOOH. It is only in taking control of Congress that we can be assured of passing the sweeping changes America REALLY NEEDS to return our nation back into the Constitutional Republic our founding fathers gave us.

Please checkout the website www.goooh.com, join, learn about the selection process, participate in the discussion and let us know what you think.

In liberty,

Jim Linn (aka Sam Adams)
Hi Jim (or should that be Sam?),

I had the please of meeting and talking with you briefly at the IRS building on 9/11 shortly before the event began (I was wearing the FairTax Nation t-shirt).

I'm happy to see you joined FTN and I bid you welcome.

When it comes to those "sweeping changes", I would like to suggest thinking in terms of "7up" and make sweeping "un-changes" instead - there are many unconstitutional laws on the books that just plain need to be repealed.

Hmm, "GOOOH - the un-party"? Ok, its just a thought :)

Hello again Sean,

I certainly agree that we need change, and that most of the changes need to be repeals. I am happy that our generation has decided to be the ones to address this growing problem. I just hope we are not too late.

In liberty,

Jim - aka Sam Adams ;-)
I met Tim Cox and had him sign my copy of his GOOOH book. His idea is fantastic! He helped Michael Dell get his computer business off the ground, and designed the software for ATM machines. Sounds like he's got the GOOOH marketing strategy down for future house elections. Let's flip the House in 2010!
Doesn't anyone rember Ross Perot? Any third party candidate guarantees a democrat re-election. I wouldn't be surprised if democrats were behind some of these third party websites. Won't we ever learn?
Joshua, of course we remember Ross Perot. Ross Perot ran for president. We are talking about the US House of Representatives. The democrats are not behind GOOOH any more than the republicans are. It is a paradigm to think that independents can't win in the House. They have won in the past, in the recent past, and with our efforts, even more will win in 2010. I would agree there needs to be more recognition of Independents in Congress before a successful bid can be made for the presidency. An Independent running for president may not happen in 2012, but it is not outside the realm of possibility of EVER happening. A wise man once said, "if we conceive and believe, we can achieve."

This is where I agree with you. Running someone for president will not work but concentrating on the House might.

I am still not sure of how this will work but I am curious to see how.

FairTax Nation cannot endorse any political party or candidates but we can talk about them all we want.
I agree that the FairTax Nation should remain neutral as it relates to a endorsing political party.
However, I disagree that the FTN shouldn't endorse or at least state where candidates stand on the issue. If the candidate supports the FairTax and agrees with the principles of what the FTN is about then it should publicly state the position of that candidate.
Keep in mind I say this as someone who is supporting and working aggressively for an Independent candidate in Ohio.
There is nothing wrong with talking about where a pol stands on a topic. The readers can take it from there if thy choose to do so.
Tim Cox or one of the other organizers with GOOOH would be happy to come to your town and run a mock selection process to show you how the system works. Typically Tim likes to have 100 people at these for the best representation of the process. It is an excellent way to gain a complete understanding of how the process works, and how each individual participates.

Jim, yesterday I burned a CD for you with 105 hi-res pics that you and I took at the Fair Tax Rally on September 11, 2009 in front of the IRS building in Washington, DC. I will send those to you today, and I will include a copy of Tim's book, Revolution - Get Out Of Our House - A New Plan For Selecting Representatives.

Talk to you soon,

I completely disagree with this line of thought. Ross Perot started and stopped his campaign so many times that he he ruined his chance. He listened to people telling him to pull out when he should have said "You know it's my money and I will spend it as I see fit".
The GOOOH program on the other hand is a program that doesn't matter what the party affiliation is or if there is one at all. For example a candidate from a district in Ohio may be a conservative. While a candidate from the district in San Francisco will probably be liberal. It is all dependent on where you live and how the others in group feel that you will do what you say you will based on the questionnaire that you fill out.
Gale, your reasoning is correct. Since GOOOH is non-partisan, depending on the electorate where you live, the person that bubbles up to be selected using the GOOOH process may or may not match your views exactly, but you can be sure of several things with ALL GOOOH candidates. They will have accepted no campaign financing from ANYONE personally because the GOOOH Party handles ALL financing. When they are elected, they are ACCOUNTABLE for the views they stood on when they were elected. When they go to Congress, they will be able to stand on their own beliefs, and not those of the GOOOH Party because the GOOOH Party has NO PLATFORM. GOOOH representatives will not be spending their term trying to put together the $1.5 million or so needed to get themselves re-elected from Day 1 like we have now. GOOOH representatives will not be vain and aspiring men who are looking for a career in politics. They will be ordinary citizens that want to perform their civic duty by representing the people of their district in Congress for 2 years and going back to their lives in their own communities. We believe this is as the founding fathers intended. We believe this is what the American people want - true representation! A government of the people, by the people and for the people.

In liberty,



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