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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

That would be www.GOOOH.com

I was talking to a gentleman associated with that site named Tim Cox a little while ago. He tells me that something like 80% of the people participating in his endevour are supporters of the FairTax.

I would be interested in hearing some opinions from our members. BTW, he is also a member of FTN.

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Enjoy the book and the pics. Are you attending any of the events on 10/17, "Can you hear us now?" Also, are you going to be following the Tea Party Express starting on 10/25?
Visited the GOOOOH site. Painful 2 read. Colour me blind, but I could not get far. Was not hip 2 the "skip" thing either.

Found Fairtax query. Then on down another "income tax" query. Seems contrary until the wheels started turning that some1 could actually say no 2 FairTax. Perhaps group various subjects 2gether.

I am also sick of "lawmakers". WE DON'T NEED ANY MORE LAWS. WE HAVE A PLENTY. Unless there is a new invention/tech, we don't NEED ANY MORE. Enforce what we have, THX.

Perhaps U need a question relating 2 going over bogus existing laws. When that werk is done, maybe the next batch of "Reps" can actually spend time in their Districts and only have 2 meet for 30days outa the yr. Plenty of time 4 new biz, in my not so humble opinion. adios!
Let's hit the "reset" button. Please go back to the site and watch the video all the way through. If you have questions after that go to the FAQ's. The questions at this point are less important than signing on to the basic concept. At some point next year those interested in being considered as a GOOOH candiate will answer the questions as to how they would vote on a particular issue and it will be up to their peers in their communities or districts to decide if they would be a good representative according to their answers which reflect their values and goals. There will be a series of candidate selection sessions and 1 person will rise to the top as the GOOOH candidate to go on the 2010 ballot for the U.S. House or Representatives only. I say ONLY because the presidential and senate races have nothing to do with GOOOH. The "3rd party never wins" argument might apply to the senate and white house but next to none at the state district level. Besides, GOOOH is not a party, it is a new way to select our Representative. A way that severes ties to special interest and takes money out of the equation.
Miki Booth
I do agree with the GOOOH concept. But earlier in this discussion, I said that 80% of the incumbents retain their seat. That was a stat for members of the House Of Reps.

Media and Party power play a big part in that but also the fact that many voters will not pay as much attention to that candidate to know who is worthy or not. They tend to put all blame on the president and then just vote for the incumbent for other seats or just which Party they want to back at the time. In 2010 I am convinced it will be Rep party that will get the attention and therefore the vote.

I wish that the GOOOH system would work to perfection and end this political game that we have now.
I have no problem with GOOOH and will support it as I support FAIR TAX (which is my main concern). Let's get the people of America educated on BOTH the FAIR TAX and the importance of putting Representatives in DC that truly will represent us!
John McCain is a Republican in name only. Look at his voting record and mote often than not his ideals are in alignment with the Democrats. The Goooh system lets you see what your candidate supports and doesn't support. The biggest issue Goooh has to face is the mindset that Jim Linn mentions. There will be candidates running for office, but the Media is going to be pushing either Democrat or Republican because in their mind there is only two parties. People need to vote principle and not vote the candidate that the media pushes. There is more than two parties and NC has proven it by enough people voting for Libertarians to have them on the ballot in-spite of the Many huge obstacles thrown in front of them by the incumbent parties and so called Campaign Finance reform laws which John McCain helped to initiate and which all need to be either eliminated or revamped. The media never even mentions what a huge leap that is for Libertarians. I predict GOOOH will be ignored the same way Libertarians are ignored. You will hear a little about those candidate before the primaries, then the only news you will hear, will be ridicule. Same as Ron Paul or Sarah Palin. Only the people can make change if they will vote principle. I believe, 2010 will be the most important election in recent history. Either We the people stop voting for the candidate who will give us the most (empty promises and more welfare) or the country is headed to the new World government which Obama wants to lead for the rest of his life. The US will soon be so far in-debt with the rest of the world, we will have no choice but to do what our "bankers" want for fear of foreclosure. As for 2012, Huckabee is planning to run if he can get through the primaries. Not sure how he feels about being an independent. It may be the reason he has not officially said he is running as a REpublican, He may be waiting to see how the "independents" do in 2010
Great things are happening with GOOOH. Citizens paying for radio advertising during Hannity's radio show, Billboards in TN, Youtube TEA party video visit www.goooh.com to see the new one.
HUGE mock candidate selection session in Scottsdale on 10/17. (1,000 est.) Check events on the site for something near you.
Community Coordinator
FairTax Dist 2 OK
Goooh has a plan that is already set up and has a big head start. Now is the time for this to happen. With national opinion polls with Congressional Approval Ratings in the low 20's. America is ready to kick them out and put in place term limits. There are just a small few of those congressmen & women who are qualified to stay and they can very well be voted back in such as Michele Bachman. You will still have a choice.
For any who still have doubts about GOOOH, please take the time to watch each of these videos. There are fourteen total ranging in length from one minute to seven minutes, but you will have a very complete knowledge of the whole process if you watch them all. I think you will start to really get excited about GOOOH after about the third or forth one.

Thanks David

I did enjow the videos! They are worth sharing.
I have seen the questionaire as well so there is always a chance the Fair Tax may not be on everyone's agenda but we can remain hopeful
I assume the it will be clear to the voters whether or not they support it.


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