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How much would illegal immigration bother you under the Fairtax?

Since Obama is discussing immigration reform once again, I figured this would be a good topic.


With the over 10 million people in the USA today that shouldn't be here, how would your views on illegal immigration change with the passage of the Fairtax?  Me personally, if all these illegal immigrants were now suddenly paying into the tax system (without receiving a prebate as well) I honestly don't think I would care that they're here.  I mean, if they really wanted to start receiving the prebate, they would have to go back to their nations of origin and immigrate the legal way.


What about you?

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I would still care. They would still be violating our federal immigration laws and should be deported for that reason alone.
> Well Dan we agree on that. But I also can see that since there is no way our current politicians are going to solve the problem, the FairTax would at least give us some redress.

Similar to Dan, the "ILLEGAL" immigration isn't more legal under the FairTax.

If someone breaks into your home are you more okay with them having done so if they clean your toilet?  The point is NOT that they cleaned the toilet, but their VERY FIRST ACTION is one that was ILLEGAL and should be treated as such....

If illegal isn't "ILLEGAL" any more why are we locking up undocumented intoxicated drivers? or undocumented permanently borrowing w/out paying individuals"?

It would be great if under the FairTax they decide to go home on their own!


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