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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

FairTax will be part of it's platform along with term limits.

What do you folks think of this?

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i am a long time republican but I am ready for a new party tired of Washington being so outta control spending us into depresion and bad mouthing america. Be proud of our country stand up and take action.
The first step to getting another party started is to change state laws regarding voting in the primaries. We're currently stuck voting party and not candidate. How dumb (rigged) is that?!
Dont have a primary for the new party.
Just throwing in my 2 cents...

Let's not forget that the purpose of the primary is for each political party to decide who their candidate will be in the general election - whether it be at the local, state or national level. There are basically two types of primaries, open and closed (check this site http://www.fairvote.org/?page=1801 for a list of open/closed primaries by state). It is my personal opinion that McCain won the nomination due to crossover voting in open primary states, but I have nothing to back that up with.

To the best of my knowledge, it is up to the political parties to decide which kind of primary they want. This system may well be outdated in this day and age, but it seems to have worked ok back when there were real differences between the parties and party loyalty was strong, but the lines have since been blurred.

I personally favor a closed primary if for no other reason than to ensure voters outside of my party don't elect my nominee for me. If there is a candidate in another party that I really like and want to vote for, I can always change my party.
But of course! It is happening.
Whether we start a new party or not, we need to let all of our elected officials know that unless they co-sponsor the FairTax, we'll vote in new representatives who will. I'm speaking tonight on the FairTax at the Dayton, Ohio Tea Party. You can watch live online from 7-9 pm ET or watch the archive here: http://www.teapartylive.tv/
All third parties have only fractured the vote and the consequences have been the least desirable and a frustrated electorate. Also, a party cannot effectively survive let alone become a majority party based on sigle issues without principles which must be higher that the political or an enactment issue. When an issue can be resolved by enactment into law or an amendment, any party based on the specific issues cease to exist as an effective party.
I'll pass that message along.

From August 28th to September 12th the "Tea Party Express" bus will tour the country, hosting tea party rallies across America. Find the tea party nearest you (see their map) and join our efforts to boot out of office some of the worst offenders in government. With your help we’ll clean house in the upcoming congressional elections! For more info: http://OurCountryDeservesBetter.comor e-mail: info@teapartyexpress.org
I'd have to agree that a "third party" is a much longer-term proposition at this point. I think we simply need a stronger grass-roots effort to contact friends, neighbors, etc ....to contact their reps and senators to support the current HR 25 & S 296. Phone, fax, email, write or camp out at their home :). ....but get it done. I came across a number of people just today ...who had not heard of "Fair Tax", are now in favor of it and are supporting it. Get the Fair Tax done and the rest will follow suit.
To support a 3rd party.....our whole campaign...fund-raising system needs to be changed.
Unless we get the $$$$ out of the campaigning, any politician will be obligated to their lobbyists/supporters, anyway...... we need open debates using free public media sources as well as all the major sources.......no more $5,000 plate dinners, baby-kissing, etc.
I am a CONSERVATIVE Republican, the reason I am a Republican is because it is the party that traditionally has been the party that represents my values. That said, the RINOs have taken the party over. I think we must do what Reagan started to do and that is make our issues plain for all to understand and get behind. A 3rd party will not work it would just give the Dem's more power.

I have looked at both the Flat and FairTax and anyone comparing them can see that all the Flat Tax does is add to the current mess, no matter how they spin it. I am sending emails to all new candidates encouraging them to read the FairTax book and look at the websites. I think we can make the Republican party a party that works for America's best interests but need to unite behind new candidates and only support the incumbants that support the FairTax.

I am running for the US Senate for WA in 2010 and I am working on the R's that we have there to convince them to join our cause.

My website is: http://www.realchange2010.org and I encourage all to look at it. I am working on adding a link to this site and fairtax.org.

Thank You,


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