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Does anyone know how many FairTax Supporters we have across the nation as a whole? Having the little pockets of sites dedicated to the cause is great, but shouldn't all Fairtax supporters ban together in one place so when we get enough support (like +millions) so we can march to DC and tell them enough is enough and we want it changed NOW? That we are pulling the purse strings from Congress and placing it back where it belongs..with the people?
Is it time yet? We could take a 1000 years of getting angry, arguing and having daily partisan or non-partisan debates on whats right, wrong or indifferent with our government economics but the entire goal is lost within a maze of JUNK that does absolutely nothing to reach our goal of The FairTax. Is it time yet? The Democratic and Republican Parties Will Continue To Debate, while we the people, the FairTax supporters should quickly move forward and accomplish our single goal of a FairTaxNation, before it is to late. Is It Time Yet?

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Welcome Brian!!! YES it would be GREAT...AWESOME and VERY helpful for the cause to have ALL the FairTax Supporters here on FairTaxNation and we are trying to make that happen. SO, if you know other FairTax Supporters who are not on here PLEASE get them to SIGN UP!! I know there is a group on FB that has over 7,000 and myspace with over 8,000, but I have NO idea how many are on both, if any and how many from FTN are on either of those counts.

IT IS PAST TIME!!! "NOW"...too late? IT is not too late!!! I'm saying 2014, but would be very excited if it were before then!!
Hello Brian,

It was "time" a long time ago. WE set up FairTax Nation so that we activists can start working together. Join the fun...

Jim Tomasik
Hi Brian and welcome to FairTax Nation!

It would be very hard to come up with a number - as you point out, there are a lot of "splinter" groups out there (not to mention the numbers Jamie supplied who are on FaceBook and MySpace), and lets not forget about all of the folks who have signed up at FairTax.org as well (numbers in the hundreds of thousands?). Also, as Jaimie pointed out, it is almost impossible to determine how many are signed up on multiple sites. For example, the ZaptheIRS site recently closed due to health issues of their founder and while their members (over 1000) were encouraged to join FTN, we have not seen a corresponding increase in our membership.

I agree that it would be great if we could find some way to band all of these groups together under our site, but I am at a loss at how to go about doing that - if you have any ideas, they would be warmly welcomed. Heck, if we could just get all of the members at FairTax.org to also join FairTax Nation, our membership would grow "exponentially". Let's keep working towards getting all FairTax supporters under our umbrella.

I also agree with all of your other points as well - excellent post, thank you.
> Gentle prodding is about all that's open to until we become large enough to have an impressive presence. We have to keep letting the others know that we are here and we are doing something. All these people are still FairTax supporters, they need to see direction, and the potential for success. When they look at what we are doing and see the effort growing like a wildfire they'll all jump on the band wagon.
On a slightly different front, a tool we could really use would be a list of businesses that have taken AFFT's business pledge. Business people have a unique interest in the FairTax and they are able to contribute to our cause in many other ways than just financial. Think putting up a FairTax sign, etc. FairTaxers could and should reward those businesses that help.
Hi guys and thanks for the welcome. It's obvious that each group/site is important to that particular group/site just as this one is to us. Somehow, Someway we, all the fairtax supporters in this country need to have a common bonding, one that says we are together and we are one for the cause of The Fairtax. It would be nice if a national political figure / leader could bring us all together under 1 roof so to speak, but I do not see anyone waiting in the wind. It would be great if it was a national figure. It's obvious we need a national leader for this cause. Has anyone tried to reach out to all the other sites groups to see if maybe we could have some sort of fair tax convention with elected Representative from each group / site? And with that convention form the common organizational structure to help us achieve our goal? Use a Convention system to meet as necessary to get us to the goal we want to be at? Maybe we just need a 'pied piper' that people would naturally follow. Jim are you the leader or Coordinator on this site/group? If it is outlined somewhere I apologies for not seeing/reading it. Just a thought, how about the leaders/coordinators of this board/group (if there are any) set up a video conference for any one that belongs to this group that wants to attend? 2 way communication is very important. And maybe from that meeting we can decide how we want to get to where we already know we want to go? Surely the other sites/groups must be thinking the same things at some level. Anyone else have any thoughts on this or any other ideas? Thanks all.
Brian - another great post!

I'm not quite sure how to address all of your comments, but I will give it my best shot.

First, Jim Tomasik along with Marilyn Rickert co-founded FairTax Nation back in January of this year. Jim is a man of few words, but we have all come to respect his bits of wisdom when it comes to the FairTax. As for me, I am a very active "citizen" of this nation - but I prefer to be considered a servant as opposed to a leader.

Your posts and comments could not have arrived at a much better time. Just this past Monday we conducted our first conference call, and one of the "hottest" issues that was discussed was how to bring certain national figures and celebrities into supporting FairTax Nation. Sometime during the next week or two, we hope to send out our first newsletter. So we are doing the best we can with our limited resources at 2-way communication.

I personally like your idea of a national FairTax convention - we could use this occasion not only to become more organized, but share many ideas as well. Perhaps we can make this an agenda item for the next conference call.

We had someone suggest that we mark April 15th as "Fair Tax Day" during the last call - certainly an idea worth looking into.

Again, thank you for your posts and the ideas you've expressed in them - Keep'em coming!
> Jim ran for Congress, I gave to his campaign because I respected him for his support of the FairTax, but also because of his concern for our country. I'm a long time Republican and Jim ran as a Democrat, but I don't see the solution to our problems as being totaly the responsibility of either major party. They won't accept it. It will have to be the responsibility of the people to accomplish this.
Cary I agree with you completely. But hope is not out of site. Just the other day Palin announced her support for a 3rd party candidate that is a supporter of a flat tax, from what I could dig up. Of course FlatTax is not the fairtax but its close. No it's not a major anything that she announced that, but my only point is at least we know there are others out there thinking along the same lines.
Who is invited to these conference calls? I would like to start attending if possible.
Brian - thank you for your interest.

Obviously, as much as we might like the idea, we just can't have everyone participate in the call as there would be too many people trying to talk at the same time and the call would simply just last too long.

Our goal is to have one person from each state on the call; while we have a ways to go before reaching that goal, we already have a representative from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Participants are usually FTN state or district coordinators or community representatives who are very active, highly involved and have been around for a while.
That sounds even better Sean, at least I know the ball is rolling.
I'm trying to figure out how the town halls are done on the conference calls. Then everyone would be invited to get on there. That would be pretty cool.


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