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I stood up and publicly asked the question if Marco supports the fair tax. A fair tax organizer in the crowd said he did but Rubio did not publicly say he supported it.


I then spoke with Rubio on a "one on one" and he told me that anyone that read the fair tax would support it and that it was a no brainer. I asked him why he didnt supported the Fair Tax on his web site. He responded he did but due to so much confusion and lack of education on the publics part he was getting a lot of people calling and saying they wouldnt vote for him. He indicated he does support the fair tax but much more education is needed before it can get passed.


Now I can see he has a point, he is a career politician so if standing on an issue he believes in isn't popular it could jeapordize his being elected. I dont necessarily agree with it and I think in many ways this is the problem with career politicians but I can at least accept Rubio going to the Senate if Alex Snitker does not get elected. I think when push comes to shove, he will support SR-26 (Fair tax in the senate).


So there you have it. Clear as mud?

I dont think you get any better from a career politician on any issue that doesnt have majority support.



Phil Tuttobene

Passionate Fair Tax supporter.



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I think we are part of the problem. We need to do a better job educating the public on the FairTax. Candidates across the nation are in jeopardy because of false information their opponents put out. Their opponents may simply not understand the FairTax.

We simply must do a better job educating the public and I hope to team up with everyone on Fair Tax Nation to get the job done.

> As I said when we talked last, we've got our work cut out for us. I think we should start a membership drive for FTN. Out here in California it's hard to get anyone to even talk about the Fairtax. The people are just anesthetized.


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