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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Lets start Raising some MONEY for FairTax Grassroots! (Updated with Pic)

For radio ads and booth set ups,

Please kick in a few few bucks with the "donate" button on FairTaxNation.

Should we set a goal deadline of April 15?

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2,355 members x $20 = $47,100

$47,100 / $125 per spot (60 seconds) = 376 spots

376 spots / 14 days left till April 15th = 27 spots a day

Come on everyone! Kick in twenty bucks! I just put in $50.00.
When and how is the gauge updated?
Based on what I know, it should read at least $190.
This is running through the IL account.

Marilyn manually updates the total so it may take a little bit to see a contribution raise the total but she will do her best to keep it up to speed.

Thanks to all of you who have helped so far.

This is our first fund raiser so the bar is set low. I am looking into making a deal so we can be regular monthly contributers. This way it will not be such a load on people to come up with money all the time.

If we could get 1000 people to contribute 5 bucks a week (20 month), we would have 240,000 a year for advertising FairTax Nation.

Sent a couple of bucks over Jim :)

Times are tough....but never tough enough that we can't all give a little ;)
I don't know anyone who is not just about broke these days. We can just be thankful that we are not having to ask anyone to dodge bullets like during the first revolution.
Not yet anyway.

Currently shopping for my first handgun though.... :)
I recommend the 40 cal taurus millenium pro...

It suits me anyway. ;o)
> Hi, Guys, I just dropped in $20. Will try to put in a hundred or so in 2 weeks. My vote is for the 1911-A1, Convinced a lot of Germans and Japanese anyway.
I tried on a good number of options. I think I am going with the FNP-9. Now I just have to save up for it...since I'm not into DEFICIT SPENDING.


Jim - thanks for the rec on the Taurus. I might move to a .40 after I get comfy with my 9mm.

Cary - I'm not a fan of the 1911 frames. If I were going with a .45, I probably would go with a polymer frame (Like the FNP-45 or a Glock) just because of the way they fit my hand.
How come when I click donate, it comes up as Illinois Fair Tax? Is this donation for the national grassroots effort, Illinois grassroots, or Ohio grassroots. Just want to know how this thing works. I can donate a small sum. Wish I could donate more at one time but I can start donating regularly even if it is small.

We are running it though the the Illinois FairTaxers account for legal reasons.

Marilyn will be keeping track of it and it will be used for FairTaxNation's nationwide efforts. We want to leave all options open so that we do not knock out some unknown upcoming somthing. This is FairTaxNation's funds.

This booth is somewhere? Where is it Marilyn?


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