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Since Michael Steele is now the head of the Republican party, I thought this might be relevant. This summer he spoke at the WV Republican convention (where the FairTax was added to the platform :)). On the way to the convention, I happened to catch a replay of Hannity and Michael was the guest. They were arguing with Kirstin to convince her that "corporations don't pay one penney in taxes".

After Michael's speech, I approached him and told him I had heard his Hannity tape on corporate taxes. He then went into a several minute diatribe on why it was true. At the end, I asked him: "Why do you support a flat income tax that continues that myth over the FairTax that ends corporate taxes altogether?" Caught off guard, he told me how wonderful the FairTax was. I then asked him why so many Republicans didn't seem to agree with him. His answer was that they just didn't understand it.

Now that he is the leader of the party, someone needs to ask him...or challenge Hannity (where he is often a guest) to ask him, what he is going to do about that lack of understanding.

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I called Mr. Steele three weeks ago. He told me two years ago that he would like to speak for the FairTax. Unfortunately, he also wanted fees we could not afford to pay. My hope of three weeks ago was that he now had a platform from which he could advance the FairTax as an alternative to the massive borrowing and spending that is so very dangerous to our economy. I'm sorry to say that the call has not been returned.

If you remember, several weeks before his election to this post there was a raging debate amongst DC operatives on whether the RNC should advance policy positions or just act as an improved "mechanic" for election tactics and strategies. Some influential DC tax reformers, among others, argued for "mechanic". Maybe that explains why there was no question asked nor mention of the FairTax during the televised debate of these candidates even though one was Mike Huckabee's former campaign manager and even though the FairTax scored "first" among tax issues on the Reinvent the RNC website. It would seem that that exercise was designed as not much more than "bunting" with little real effect on "reinvention". That this empty point of view was supported by tax reformers in Washington is maddening.

I believe that all are better served by being "for" a better way than simply railing "against" the opposition. A recent plea by me to a prominent tax reform group in Washington along these lines fell on deaf--and even indignant--ears.

It tells me once again that advancing this desperately needed cause falls to us. We can't count on Washington figures, besides Linder and a few others, for much. They don't have the nerve, they are quietly defending their Washington "rice bowls" and they don't have the vision. I'll say it again--this is a campaign that must be waged by hometown America against the wishes, self-interest, lack of vision, and timidity of Washington.

To that end, watch for our full page ad--aimed squarely at investors--in Investors Business Daily on Monday, March 9th. We were able to secure a very, very good rate because execs there found our newly designed ad so compelling and offering so much hope they cut us an amazing deal. They may see our message as the answer for the investor class of readers who are angry and frightened that current steps will make things worse--perhaps far worse. Watch for our message, "We're Throwing Away Trillions But a Better Solution Exists".

The fact is, our base is not yet large enough to stop destructive amendments should we land on the floor of the House tomorrow. It is not yet large enough to "inspire" leadership from those who, by all rights, should be our strong allies. We're on our way but we've got a ways to go.

Friends--that's on us. Education and recruitment remain, therefore, our highest priorities with mobilization of support still undertaken but not yet stout enough to convince those who only join the parade--not lead.
One more thought--take heart! If we keep building as we now are, soon enough we will see those now on the sidelines claim that they were really leading all along! We'll just welcome them to the fold and give each other a knowing wink.

Disappointing but still great information. I totally agree with your solution. We all need to get fired up and move this thing forward.

Really excited to see the IBD ad. Love the countdown on the FairTax.org front page as well. Thanks for all you do.
Thanks Bill--and right back at you. Ken
I am hoping some benefactor who realizes what a great idea FairTax is can pay for a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal. If we get the FairTax ad into the WSJ it would certainly garner the notice of the investors (and very likely major national attention), who would suddenly realize their industry would BOOM because of no more taxes on earning money.
We are getting better. Takes a awhile to undo 80 to 90 years of doing. We're on the brink of making a big difference now.
Half the supporters I've developed here in my small city are Democrats, by the way.
I am a new member. I am not sure if this is the right thread to post, but I would like to know where to start and what I can do. I don't have a lot of time, but I am increasingly disturbed by what is happening in Washington and frustrated by government spending which seems like (or is) taxation without representation. Taxation without representation is one of the major reasons we became a nation and why so many have sacrificed for this country.
The fair tax seems like the most logical first step to this country re-establishing a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Any suggestions would help.
The most important thing to do is spread the word. One way to do that is to order a FairTax rubber stamp and start stamping "FairTax, Not Income Tax" on envelopes and bills.

The website where a FairTax stamp can be orderd is:


I'm probably up to 500 items. I'm waiting to see the first bill that I get in change with FairTax stamped on it.
Good Point. Someone needs to approach Steele on this. If we can get him behind it and make it a part of "party" policy as cornerstone part of the Republican's "alternative " vision for this country, then we could really get some steam behind this thing. It will be even more effective, once Obama's policies are proven to be a disaster and the American people start taking a look at NEW solutions to the economic mess that we're in.


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