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MILLER: An economic-recovery solution Herman Cain’s strategy for overhauling the tax code

The following link is to an article regarding Herman Cain's deceptive plan to impose his hybrid income tax and sales tax system prior to implementing The Fair Tax. Cain was all for The Fair Tax as being the only alternative plan for years prior to his candidacy but since declaring his candidacy he wants to impose an intermediary step between The federal income tax and the Fair Tax. He is trying to play both ends against the middle by attempting to garner maximum support by those who oppose and support The Fair Tax. He is invoking his plan for his own political gain at the expense of the Fair Tax movement. He couldn't be more disingenuous.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid attempted to implement a similar hybrid plan by imposing a VAT in addition to the existing federal income tax code. FairTax supporters and many others railed against such a proposal. We should do the same with Cain's hybrid proposal. It will be the death knell of The FairTax movement as cain's 9-9-9 plan will become permanent as temporary is political speak for permanent.

MILLER: An economic-recovery solution Herman Cain’s strategy for ov...

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First of all, the 9-9-9 plan would be a huge improvement over the current tax system.  FairTax levels?  No.


Its great to be a FairTax supporter, but if you believe you can get enough support to amend the constitution by education, you're wrong.  there is so much spin given to the FairTax and so much politcal power to be lost, there has to be some real world proof to make a change as big as the FairTax.  The 9-9-9 plan does that.   No one could argue against the FairTax after living with the 9-9-9.


Comparing the 9-9-9 to what the Dems want in a VAT is dishonest.


The FairTax Act has 73 cosponsors in Congress and a hearing was convened about The FairTax by the House Ways and Means Committee in July. That's far closer to the real world than Cain's 9-9-9 plan that has no cosponsors and is still just a pipe dream. To argue for Cain's 9-9-9 plan is to argue against The FairTax as they are anathema to each other.

Another reality is that the Executive branch has no control over the Legislative branch. They are co equal branches of government. Cain can promise the moon but if Congress doesn't see fit to pass legislation to replace his 9-9-9 scheme with The FairTax then his promise will have meant nothing. He can then feign anger The FairTax was not passed and then proclaim at least he tried, "oh well"! In the end he will have achieved his goal and FairTax supporters will end up with nothing. They will have sacrificed 73 cosponsors and counting along with nearly 20 years of momentum for nothing.

Dishonest is Cain supporting The FairTax as the only alternative tax plan for years prior to declaring his candidacy only to push it aside for a more politically expedient plan for his own personal gain. If he had any honesty, he would have stood by The FairTax after declaring his candidacy.

I am a Cainiac...BUT his 999 plan SUCKS....to put it lightly, but I also am trying to be patient in that he has an UPHILL battle with all the establishment Republicans and the 999 plan at least keeps him in the media.  He could VERY easily switch back to the FairTax once his feet are more firmly planted after some of the early primaries.  I don't like it, but I don't like a whole lot about how the Republicans/Media aren't Fair & Balanced toward the candidates.  This 9 9 9 plan should make us ALL get out and work a little harder to get him to realize he needs to get back to the FairTax focus, because the FairTax fixes it! His 9 9 9 plan doesn't have any support in DC...and we are less than 10 away from being at our all time high.  NOTE  the Republicans could pass the FairTax tomorrow...we only need 218 to get it passed or to the floor for a vote and there are 225+ Republicans in there right now.  ARGH!!!!!

SO...unlike any of the other candidates Herman Cain is our FairTax guy!!

I e-mailed him last week saying essentially that the most forbidden thing is to have both a sales tax and an income tax as neither would go away. If he gets his 9-9-9 plan through and then he plans to have it become the sales tax only, his opponents will scream that without the Medicare tax, the elderly will freeze and starve in the dark. Repeal of the 16th Amendment will go right down the toilet. Further the congress will tell him that since he likes the 23% so much, the sales tax should be 10% and the income tax should be 13%. And we all know what will happen to these numbers in the future. This is just another "frying a frog" situation.
I can't say I like the 9-9-9 plan in place of the FairTax. I think Herman Cain feels he is doing what he has to to win. Having said that, I can live with that over the current tax code. We as citizens have allowed all this to happen because we abdicated our responsabilities long ago. I will continue to work for passage of the FairTax as long as there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Mr. Cain is still providing that light to date.


You are correct. Cain has changed his position on The FairTax to do what he feels is necessary to win. That's the problem. He is not holding to his conviction prior to his candidacy of supporting The FairTax as the only alternative tax plan to the federal income tax code. Political expediency at the expense of the FairTax only hurts our cause. There is no light at the end of the tunnel retaining  the federal income tax code and tacking on a national sales tax. That is anathema to why the FairTax movement was formed. If The FairTax movement decides to changes gears and support Cain's plan, then count me out. I didn't sign up 11 years ago to support a hybrid tax plan.

I have to admit that I find Herman's 9-9-9 plan a bit troubling, but I also believe (like Jeffrey) that it would be a huge improvement over what we have now. I can understand Dan's concerns, but I think he fails to take into account that Herman Cain is not your typical politician. I honestly believe that Cain intends to do what he says - pass the 9-9-9 plan as rapidly as possible (necessary to get this economy moving again) and then move forward to the FairTax. Call me crazy, but I trust him.


Having a national sales tax along with a federal income tax that will still allow the federal government to confiscate our money before seeing our paychecks and still empowering the IRS to delve into every aspect of our personal lives. Cain's 9-9-9 plan couldn't more dissimilar  to The FairTax. The FairTax bu itself will get the economy going.  Keep in mind the Executive branch does not control the legislative branch. Congress could very easily decide not to reintroduce The FairTax as Cain's phase two, instead decide to stick with his his hybrid phase one. If you believe Cain's plan is better than The FairTax and its 74 cosponsors, then you are accepting we should scrap all that we have worked for since 1995 to support a plan that is nothing like the FairTax. I find that rationalization very disconcerting and upsetting as it will Cain's plan will be the death knell to The FairTax.



America is just about gone. A mere improvement, assuming that it is an improvement, is useless. We are better off keeping the current system at this time rather than implementing a mere improvement. The reason is that the current system is so bad that it is waking up the public, whereas a mere improvement might give potential Fair Tax supporters the illusion that there is no need for any more changes.  It is hard enough to get one shot at fixing the tax system that two shots are just not possible.     


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