Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Pictured (attached) clockwise starting forward left, are Bill Spillane,
California, Jim Bennett, New Jersey, Marilyn Rickert, Illinois, Sean
Matula, Grassroots Coordinator, Houston, Terry Stockham, Chief Operating
Officer, AFFT, John Collet, Missouri, and Phil Hinson, Georgia. Bill,
Phil, John, Marilyn and Jim are the original members of a Grassroots
Leadership Council. Terry is a non-voting member.

The initial charge of the Council is to represent the grassroots and make more effective use for the grassroots of resources available to it from Americans for Fair Taxation.

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So not all on the council are pictured, Jim...are there any others.
Hi Jamie,
The picture contains the whole council. It is different from the AFFT board and is meant to function as your representation to AFFT.
Best regards,
I must be missing something. Why do we need representation to AFFT when we can contact AFFT as individuals? Do FairTaxNation and AFFT have competing interests? Don't they have the same goals?
Hi Dan,
Hi Dan,
You're absolutely right. You as an individual can contact AFFT, and as long as I am a member of the Council, the last thing I want it to be is a doorkeeper or a layer of bureaucracy between you and AFFT. We have some specifics in mind. We think, for example, that the database used by AFFT, which heretofore had been adequate for large-scale corporate fundraising at the national level, can be adapted to better suit local groups. We also want local input in coming up with a strategic plan to grow the grassroots. If you have any ideas, please let me know.
As I tried to express at the conference before I was shut down, I have over 30 years experience as an Information Technology Professional. I retired two years ago from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida where I was manager of their HIPAA Claims Repository database - a system that processed well over 1 million claims a month. I have also worked on other government systems that contained millions of records.

When y'all get done playing with this Convio "toy", let me know and I will gladly offer my experience, expertise and knowledge to developing a much more robust database system.
But they ran Howard Dean's 2004 pres campaign. Wasn't it great?
Although it sometimes appears that they are competing, there is no reason for this to be so. They provide completely different functions. Yes, we can contact AFFT as individuals but they have been difficult to reach in the past due to so few on staff to handle the workload. Over my 5 years as a district director, I have heard that many people who have not felt that they actually had any real way to personally interact with AFFT.

How are they competing when both groups have the same goal to pass The Fair Tax? Why are AFFT and FTN operating as two separate entities? I'm not sure how you define difficult to reach. I've been a District Director for several years and have been able to contact AFFT on a regular basis in the past either by phone or email. It seems to me this council is a layer of unnecessary bureaucracy.
I don't get what you mean. These are the same people who have been holding distirct director poitions all along.

My question is how will this change what has been happening until now not whether or not it is a new level of bureaucracy.

I'm open minded as to what this all means. Respectfully to all involved, I think it is not up to me, you or Laura to answer our own questions... It is up to Jim Bennet and the others on this "Council" to answer the questions.
I like this statement and think that the grassroots folks need to understand the intent and function of the council. I believe that this was not clearly presented and should be asap.
You saw all of the Grassroots council in the picture, plus Terry and Sean. The AFFT Board is different, and I do not know who all of them are.
Jim B.,

I think it would be helpful if you would please expound on the following items:

1.) Who set up the board?

2.) How is it different than the list of regional directors that has existed before?

2a.) Exactly What states are covered by this Council?

3.) Who elected or appointed these people and what input did the grassroots have in that?

4.) How will it help the grassroots move forward?

5.) What is the accountability of the group?

6.) What level of transparency and interaction will there be between AFFT, the Council, and the grassroots activist associated here on FTN?


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