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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Congressman John Linder has introduced the FairTax, HR 25, into the 11th Congress with 34 cosponsors. We need 100 cosponsors. We need a plan...

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Congressman Ted Poe's office just told me that he will be coming back aboard. Gresham Barrett's office told state director, Jack Jackson of South Carolina that he wants to co-sponsor and is waiting contact from Mr. Linder. That's two more.
Hey Ken,

Whats the story with Rep. Dan Boren?
Jim, his office told me three weeks ao that he still believes in the FairTax but has decided not to cosponsor "so many" bills this year. I've passed this along to the Oklahoma State Director and we did place one of the full page ads in the Tulsa World News.

As with then rest of the delegation, hometown advocates will have to bring him back on board.

They did it before and I believe they can do it again --and it is so important to have Democrats like Mr. Boren.
It's kind of difficult to come up with a plan for 100 co-sponsors. I think it all boils down to is that the people that say they don't support it are a) so far against it they won't dare to support a plan so radical and have their own agendas, or b) have considered it and are being negativly influenced by false information or some other media. Thankfully we have the supporters we have. I'm hoping March 17th's discussion will open a few more eyes up there in Congress. It's nice to know that at least someone up there is recognizing the issue we have in our current tax system. Mr. King...I'm behind ya all the way!
How many cosponsors do we have today, 4/6/09?
According to the House site, still at 51.
I posted last month that during the last two sessions of Congress the number of cosponsors dropped off dramatically after March of the first year. During the 110th there were 58 cosponsors in the first three months but only 18 more cosponsors for the remainder of the session. This problem needs to be addressed.
Do we know who those most likely to support FairTax are? I would really like systematically work on this goal.
I just went to Fairtax.org site and counted 72 REP and 10 Senators for the Fairtax
I'm not sure where you saw those figures. According to http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c111:H.R.25: there are 54 cosponsors in the House Of Representatives and 4 cosponsors in the Senate.
Fairtax.org They have the same figures as you but they have 28 more listed as being in favor of.
The source I cite is from the online source for the Congressional record, Thomas.gov. The figures are directly from the bill.


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