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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

People are wondering what the FairTax is on a rather liberal blog site, please give them a hand.

FairTax is mentioned in the ad and the commentors are wondering what it is.




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I just went there, and actually, I wasn't too surprised to find that they are not totally against the Fair Tax. In fact, what I read there seemed mostly positive (or at the least, neutral.)
Thanks for the help.
> He clearly states his support for the FairTax. Let's hope the ad goes viral.
Also visited the site. Ran into the same "FairTax" adds 30%" 2 the price of goods scheme again on a link 2 the story. This is the same malfunction I had w/ the KenHoagland editorial in Townhall & on his FTN post.

Still contemplating a reply 4 the rest of the little girl's comments. Basically that FT is non-political & she should look @ her pay stub once in a while...


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