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I have read both books by Linder and Boortz: I am a Fairtax proponent. I am also reading a book which opposes the Fairtax entitled "Fair Tax: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" by Nelson Warwick. I am having trouble finding information that rebuts in a specific way some of his arguments, such as, for example, his assertion that the Fairtax is self-imbedding. Does anyone know of any articles that rebut any of Mr. Warwicks points chapter by chapter?


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Read the reviews on amazon about this book......its funny!!
This guy does not understand the FairTax. I hope he explains what self-imbedding is because I sure don't know.

If politicians are reading this thinking its truth.....then they really are unqualified to be representing the people. Again....it all comes down to us educating people on the truth.

We have no reason to lie....they do and everyone knows it.
> Yea, I saw this book right about the time I started getting into the FairTax. I thought I might find out about any negative aspects. By the time you read 1 page you are worn out by all the errors and typos. He doesn't articulate any of his points well, and most can be picked apart by simple logic. Our State FairTax Director Bill Spillane reviewed the book and concluded the author to be either a lobbyist or tax preparer. I wouldn't give him much more than a terrified janitor at H&R Block.
Do you know of anyone who needs a couch or table propping up?
Would be a shame to let a good wedge like that go to waste.
It looks like he didn't do a good job refuting $22million in research that FairTax is a good bill.


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