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I have been thinking about the ideas being floated around about a post card campaign. My concern is that we would we would wage a war before we gathered an army.

Marc and Chiefcook have been kicking around and idea to send post cards to elected pols.

Its a great idea. I don't think we have the troops to do it. I think we should concentrate the next couple months on building the army of activists before we actually do these events. This way we will have more of an impact.

I do want the ideas to continue to develop. This idea may work very well when we have the people to pull it off.

What do you think about this?

Pardon my spelling... I'm not checking it. ;o)

Jim Tomasik

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the army is out there. if you go to yahoo groups and look under fair tax you will see there are thousands and thousands of people out there that are working toward fairtax. the thing we need to concentrate on is getting them centrally located into one web site like this one. A letter could be sent out to the groups about this site and it will go to everyone registered in the yahoo groups under fairtax.
Try www.fairtaxgroups.com

This site is not controled by the same people.
Here is the basic thought . It is subject to modification and improvements.

Post Card Program

Step #1
Draft a Word file that has two pages.

The first page (content side) would be divided into four sections. Two sections would be for Senators and Two for Reps. They would be placed in opposite corners (top left and lower right or top right and lower left) Each section would have a request to support the Fair Tax by becoming a Co-Sponsor of the bill (HR-25 or S-296) and then become an advocate of the Fair Tax. Each section would have a place for the person to sign the Post Card. (Also a place for e-mail address)

The second page (address side) would have a place for the return address and the mailing address for the Senator or Rep (fill in line); second line State (fill in line) and District (fill in line); third & fourth lines the DC address. These would be on opposite corners to match content side, Doing it this way, if the person printing the cards puts the wrong end into the printer, it still works to get letters to proper people (One Rep card would go to Charlie Rangel. He gets cards from all over the Country!)

(The content of the post card needs to be determined. There could be a couple of lines where the person can put their own comments. Hand written cards could carry more meaning to the recipient.

How does the FTN LOGO appear when printed with black ink? Many people do not have color printers! Do we need a new logo for this? It could be placed on the address side of the card in the lower left corner.)

Step #2
Once the Word file is ready, it can be place on the UPLOAD FILES tab.

Anyone visiting the website can download the file and print it out for personal use. The file should be printed on 67# or heavier Card Stock. (If you use colored card stock they will be easier to see when received.) They can cut them apart and mail them anytime they want.

It can also be printed in mass bundles for a local FT table for groups. Set up a collection box for donations. ($1.00 for postage) and then the organizer can cut them apart and mail or hand deliver them to the local office. This saves buying stamps and helps fund the printing costs! The local group can enter the names, addresses and e-mail info into a spreadsheet or data base file. The local group could then send them an invite to join FTN and AFFT if they desire.

Any time the FTN leadership wants to put out a “call for action” a mass signature gathering of postcards by all local groups for mailing on a special date, the groups can print up a lot of cards and set up tables wherever they can find a spot. Do this several weekends. Then, they get mailed all at the same time. (Do not forget to collect the names and addresses before mailing!)
There are many automated card-sending services on the web. Perhaps we should find one that would allow us to upload our designs, then users can pay $1.00 and the site will automatically print and mail it? Something like a www.sendoutcards.com type of service would probably work...

would this be the same post card format that is listed under the Florida group? I downloaded it last night and printed some today with my reps info.
I agree that it starts with organization. You can't win football games if you gather 11 guys, run out on the field, and start executing plays without first determining who will play what position, what the gameplan is, who is on the team, and who you're playing against.

What I've seen so far shows me that we've got a large group of passionate people all doing their own thing. We really need centralized "command and control" on our activities or we are going to seem like a bunch of kooks running around haphazardly...
There is an army of Fair Tax "supporters" (those who would vote for it if it were on the ballot.) But even of the 834 members on the network here only a fraction would participate in an activity. Someone mentioned the army in the YAHOO groups but from personal experience I have numerous times ask them to join this network and the Zapper network with limited response. I've had to practically bribe family to join and I am certain some of them would not participate in anything but a vote on a ballot. Just some thoughts. And for those not aware Operation Off the Fencehas been advocating a card mailing program for quite some time.

Dave Sibole
Does any one have other suggestions to give a new supporter of the Fair Tax something THEY CAN DO? I mean the vast majority that just want to sit at home, watching MTV, NASCAR, NBA, Entertianment Tonight, Amerian Idol etc.

"Yeah, It is a great idea and I would support it only if you tell me what to do."
It has been less than three month since we started this discussion. The Post Card Program was introduced in Central Florida at a Trade Show over a three day period. The attendees for the most part did not know about the Fair Tax. There were over 415 sets of cards signed.

The next time it was used (SC for ST Patricks Day) and over 100 card sets signed.

The Orlando Tea Party in March produced 350 sets until we ran out and an additional 140 signatures for a total of 490 people in less than four hours. ( well informed people in attendance. 10$ of all attendees signing cards)

Another event (3/28/09) in Central Florida had 100 sets signed in five hours at a public event where education was provided.

Latest report from SC was 453 card sets in about 2 hours!

The Post Card program has been tested in FL, SC and WA. Everyone likes it.

Is it time to go Nationwide?
I am uploading the postcard we use in our area in Alabama. Of course the address side would have to be modified to fit each State district using it. We sign these at our meetings and almost noone refuses to sign them and add their return address. Then we collect them, cut them apart, stamp and mail them, to be sure they all get mailed.
You should add the e-mail address line. This way you can capture the information to sign up everyone who fills out the postcard for AFFT and FTN. Things work of e-mail addresses.
could you provide these files in a Word file format?
I unfortunately do not have the software to edit a .pdf to change the senators and reps info


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