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I have been thinking about the ideas being floated around about a post card campaign. My concern is that we would we would wage a war before we gathered an army.

Marc and Chiefcook have been kicking around and idea to send post cards to elected pols.

Its a great idea. I don't think we have the troops to do it. I think we should concentrate the next couple months on building the army of activists before we actually do these events. This way we will have more of an impact.

I do want the ideas to continue to develop. This idea may work very well when we have the people to pull it off.

What do you think about this?

Pardon my spelling... I'm not checking it. ;o)

Jim Tomasik

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How many troops do you think are necessary?
The fight is started.

I think we need to pull 3 things together and make the most of every new contact.
you can count me in! I want to do all I can to help!
What 3 things?
The Post Card program works. Central Florida group has been using it since Feb 2009. We have been avg 400 sets of cards at Tea Parties and collecting them in 3-4 hours. Last night we collected almost 200 sets at an event with Neal Boortz.

This means each Senator from Florida and Charlie Rangel get all the post cards! The various areas Members of Congress receive their cards after each event. They are constantly getting these cards. This is the major advantage to the Post Card program is making aware of the Fair Tax support of the people.

We do collect the names and all other info from the cards. It is provided to AFFT on a spreadsheet. The latest Tea Party results were about 300 names with e-mail info were sent to AFFT with about 159 new people and over 90 people with updated information.

FL is the largest State on FTN with over 1200 people, mainly as a result of the Post Card program in Central Florida. (Ohio is second with about 950 people.


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