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I recieved a letter from the RNC in the mail today, asking for donations to help stop the bailout programs. I wrote on the payment form,

"When I see the FairTax as the 1st and foremost priority of the republican party, I might consider donating to them."

If all FairTax supporters who recieve this solicitation would do the same, maybe they would finally get the idea. What do you think???

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I have a better idea.

Send them a copy of the contribution you gave to FairTax Nation and tell them your discretionary funding allowance is being spent on promoting FairTax because the RNC does not do that for you.
Great idea.
Sadly I can't vote.....but who gets these letters?

Members of the RNC or just voters registered Republican?
I don't know how I ended up on their mailing list. I live in Tennessee where you do not have to be registered to any political party, you just go to the polling place and tell them which party's primary you wish to vote in, and you get that ballot. I have voted in the republican primary for the last 14-16 yrs. Still not sure where they got my name.
You bet I am! I have emailed them, sent their donation request letters back to with the response, "I cannot in good conscience donate at this time. When the RNC supports the Fair Tax, I will donate". I've sent one to the RNCC, the RNC, and my state's GOP.

I guess they still have the mistaken impression that we are mushrooms; keep us in the dark and feed us manure. Well, we are not (or no longer) in the dark, and I, for one, will no longer tolerate a diet of manure.

Many Democrats feel the same way. I know them within in my own my own family, and that includes the most ardent supporters of the present admininstration. They simply no longer wish to be mushrooms.

Jim, I love your idea! I'll do that.
This is wonderful!!!

"might consider..." Thanks for the laugh! I love all you clever people!
I think that's a great idea and the next time I receive a solicitation from RNC I will send it back with a message regarding their promoting the Fair Tax and when they do that, that's when I will comply with their request.
I got another one from the Ohio GOP today. I told the phone solicitor that I would not donate unless the OH GOP endorses the Fair Tax, told him several times in fact. I made a committment to make a donation predicated on that endorsement. Don't you know they went ahead and processed the call and sent the letter? That's ok, I'm ready for 'em and grateful for the opportunity to reiterate my stipulation in writing.
I sent mine back with much of the same. Our congressional letter campaign comes with FairTax.org labels so I used some of those to seal the envelope. Too bad we can't get forever stamps with the FairTax logo on them!!
Where did you get the Fair Tax.org labels? I have been looking for some for a long while now and nobody seems to know anything about labels. I think labels would be fabulous on all outgoing mail. Thank's for any help.
Virginia Kelly
You download the FTN (or AFFT) logo from the website. Then you can use either "return address" or "mailing" labels. You can print your own at home.

Using WORD, go to the Tools/Letters and Mailing/Envelopes and labels path. Select your label. You can try to paste the logo into the box, or just type note "I support HR-25" and send to a new document. Then you can paste the logo into the label. Copy and paste until the full sheet is the way you want them. Save the file and you can print more labels as you need them.

We are a grassroots organization. We must be make due with what we have.
I'm not registered for any party, but yet I get info and solicitations to "help" them. I made a list on my email of these sites and the links worked. If you want the list let me know. I don't know how to send it to ning.
Reply to Chiefcook,
Thank's for your help, will try it.


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