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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Could she become a FairTax advocate?

FairTax is rouge to DC thinking just like she is.

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I'd just as soon she didn't support it. I think she's more likely cause a loss of credibility for the idea, than a gain.
> While I can agree that she doesn't come across as an intellectual, she does get attention, which is something we need badly. Now if she were to support the FairTax and have a good and thoughtful delivery of it's concepts, how could it hurt?
I'm looking at R front runners in Iowa a couple years from now. She and Huckabee are way out in front (right now) according to Rasmussen.

If we could get another one or two leading the pack supporting FairTax as a mandate... See where I'm going?
I was on the AFFT Linkedin web site this after and was checking out members and saw that Allen Keyes is a FairTax Supporter. We should get intouch with him and try and get his support. Mr. Keyes is well connected and if he is truly a FairTAX supporter he may be will to help get the word out!
Keyes is a very big supporter of FairTax.
@ Cary
I just REALLY doubt she could pull that off.
Jesse, Did you make the phone call to your congressman's office as he is sooooooo close to cosponsoring the FairTax! Please get all the other FT supporters you know to do so too! We need ANY and ALL FairTax supporters from every walk of life and class and outlook to get louder in backing this legislation! Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin, etc. She may not be a good advocate in some eyes, but neither would Charley Rangle if he decided to be for it. It will take ALL to get this passed and the sooner we get to all the sooner this will get passed! The T-Party Express is passing through Tacoma...R U going in your FairTax Gear?
Like Sarah Palin or not she has a lot of support and her own group (Team Sarah)
Like Jamie said we need everyone on board...everyone!!

I'd love Charles Rangel to be onboard....heck I'd love President Obama to be onboard.
Both are highly doubtful, but we should not invest time in getting someone onboard because we do not like them or don't think they'd be a good spokesperson...we need these high profile people to help get the word out!!

I'm frankly surprised she is not more pro-FairTax...I'd be intrigued to find out why.
After a quick online search I'm not able to find an answer.
Plenty of people asking as a #1 campaign question for her, but no response.

I'll check her FB tonight (my employer smartly blocks social networking sites)
Ummm - but we're a social networking site :)
SHHHHHHHHHHHH!! You'll rumble my game and I'll barely be able to post again!!
Very true Tony! When the name Palin is spoken, people do listen, right wrong or indifferent. So you may have a valid point as well. Just my 2 cents.


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